Tom Ravenscroft 2021-10-08 The Ravers Hour with UNIIQU3

“An exclusive 30 minute mix from Jersey USA based UNIIQU3 followed by a 30 minute mix from Tom himself.
She broke through as a vocalist in the ascendant Jersey Club scene a decade ago, and has since become an adept producer, vocalist, DJ and promoter.
She’s appeared at events such as Coachella and Unsound and performed on the runway at New York Fashion Week.
When the world ground to a halt last year, UNIIQU3 continued to level up, launching her series of Digital Diva EPs, collaborating with the UK’s KG (on ‘Black Roses’ / ‘B2B’) and Dance System (on ‘Get Up On It’) and hosting everything from DJ sets and production tutorials to fan feedback sessions on her Twitch channel. She also operates her own nightlife series PBNJ (Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey), which aims to showcase and educate on all elements of Stateside club culture.
Her new ‘Heartbeats’ EP is her most ambitious and personal project yet, of which she says: “My fans know so much about my story in the club culture, but Heartbeats will let my fans get to know me personally. The project dives into topics of self-love, heartbreak, intimacy, and lust — it’s truly a compilation of beats made from the heart. It’s raw and experiential; I’m evolving into a new phase.””
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