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The Huey Show 2014-01-11 with T-Bone Burnett

19 January, 2014 (19:46) | MP3 | By: Core News

Got a request for this show so here you go Ben 🙂
“T-Bone Burnett has produced the soundtracks to The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Walk The Line, Crazy Heart, and Cold Mountain. He is an Oscar winner and multiple grammy winner. Basically he’s a legend. Huey has been trying to get him on the show for years, and he’s finally here. He joins Huey ahead of the release of his latest Coen Brothers collaboration ‘Inside Llewyn Davis.
Huey’s got his ‘meat of the week’, vegetarians don’t panic, it’s just his record of the week.
He’ll be ‘Diggin’ In The Crates’ once again and adding another listener suggestion to the perfect vinyl collection. It’s big enough now to warrant it’s own crate.
And Huey will be spinning that same unique mix of funk, punk, soul, rock, disco…. and doo wop, a mix you won’t hear anywhere else on your dial.
The start of the weekend is in the safest possible hands, and that’s a fact, Jack.”

The Huey Show 2014-01-11 with T-Bone Burnett [ download]

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The Huey Show 2014-01-11 with T-Bone Burnett

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