The 6 Mix with Nemone 2020-08-22 with Romare and Ela Minus

“This weeks resident is Colombian artist Ela Minus and the guest mix comes from DJ and producer Romare.
Ella Minus is Colombia-born, Bogotá-raised, and based in New York. Before making electronic music, Ela drummed in a teenage hardcore band (she joined that band when she was just 12 and played with them for almost a decade). Then, Ela moved to the United States, where she attended Berklee College of Music and double-majored in jazz drumming and synthesizer design. She uses only hardware synthesizers to perform, write, and record. She’s just released her new single ‘megapunk’.
Romare recently released his new album Home on the Ninja Tune label. His music has always sat comfortably in both the dancefloor world and a more relaxed environment, “Home” being no exception. “For me, the sweet point in music is when happy and sad come together” comments Fairhurst, “when they meet in the middle, that’s what I try to create”. The release of “Home” comes after a lifetime of being on the move for Fairhurst, he spent his childhood travelling constantly with his family as his parents moved around the world for work, before finally settling in the UK. This nomadic lifestyle would continue with his burgeoning career as a musician taking him off touring the world (playing over 150 shows in the last 2 years alone). Which brings us to “Home”, The new album marks a new chapter in Fairhust’s life with a move out of London to the countryside and starting a family, a move which has “given me peace and quiet” he comments. The new addition of his own home-built studio adds to this feeling of being content and settled, having worked from various bedroom studios in the past.”

The 6 Mix with Nemone 2020-08-22 with Romare and Ela Minus [ download]

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