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Tephra & Arkoze FABRICLIVE x Visionobi Presents Mix

2 January, 2019 (22:29) | Drum and Bass | By: Core News

“Tephra & Arkoze is the alias of UK duo Rhys Christie and James Woodcock. Originally hailing from Hertfordshire and now based in London, the pair have been quietly putting out slick drum & bass records for the last 5 years, referencing all the classic hallmarks of the genre with a crisp, modernist flair. It’s a sound they first developed with the help of Basher at Proximity Recordings and have recently honed at Dispatch, Ant TC1’s imprint that’s been a home to the genre’s brightest stars since the early 2000s. With Visionobi landing at FABRICLIVE for a Room Three showcase with some of his favourites from across the UK next Friday, the pair are currently prepping to return to Farringdon. To warm us up, the pair sent over a mix displaying the same ultra-technical sound they’ve taken to the scene’s forefront.”
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Tephra & Arkoze FABRICLIVE x Visionobi Presents Mix [ download]

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Tephra & Arkoze FABRICLIVE x Visionobi Presents Mix

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