FACT mix 75 by TRG – dubstep and house

Is it just me or is house becoming an important part of dubstep? Seems like a slew of dubstep producers and DJs are fusing dubstep and house (and what is this funkstep genre?).
It is the same thing with this TRG mix for FACT Magazine. I’m a bit surprised by myself, but I’m really enjoying this trend. What do you guys think and could anyone say some words about the funkstep genre (or whatever the kids call it these days)?
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FACT mix 75 by TRG – dubstep and house [Mediafire download]

FACT mix 75 by TRG
1. Karizma – Necessary Madness (R2)
2. Seiji – Hohoho (CDR)
3. Roska- Elevated Level (Kicks & Snares)
4. Mystery – Speechless
5. Hot City – No More (Infrasonics)
6. TRG – Now You Know (CDR)
7. TRG – Tribal Flex (CDR)
8. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (TRG Remix)
9. Hot City – Hot City Bass (Ramp)
10. Mescal Kid – Magic (Size Digital)
11. TRG – Purple Lights (CDR)
12. Pearson Sound – Wad (Hessle Audio)
13. Saeed Younan – Kumbalha (Younan Music)
14. TRG – Discotek 79 (CDR)
15. Cajmere – Percolator (Cajual Records)
16. Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Affine)

Rob da Bank and friends 2009-04-20 with dubstep mixes from Martyn and TRG

The latest Rob da Bank and friends show gives us two dubstep mixes from Martyn and TRG.
Absolutely lovely mix from Martyn and the TRG one is pretty nice too.
Everyone into dubstep should check out Martyns new album “Great Lengths” which contains several brilliant tunes (couple of them being played in this mix).
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Rob da Bank and friends 2009-04-20 with Martyn and TRG [Filesonic download]

Martyn Mix
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ (3024)
Kloke – ‘Basement’ (Entrada Recordings)
Millie & Andrea – ‘Black Hammer’ (Daphne001)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Makonde’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
Apple – ‘Seigalizer’ (Slim Ting)
Hard House Banton – ‘Reign’ (SRE)
Efdemin – ‘Acid Bells Martyns Dark Mix’ (Curle)
Martyn – ‘Elden St.’ (3024)
Karizma – ‘Groove ‘A’kordingly’ (R2 Records)
2000 And One – ‘Funk That’ (100% Pure)
Adam Marshall – ‘Rose Mountain’ (Cynosure)
Martyn – ‘Bridge’ (3024)
Goldie – ‘Truth Ft. David Bowie’ (Ffrr)
Martyn – ‘Far Away’ (3024)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Anlo Ewe’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
D-Malice – ‘Gabryelle Refix’ (White)
Deadbeat – ‘Incinerate’ (Wagon Repair)
Manoo – ‘Agoe’ (Earthrumental Music)
Shut Up And Dance – ‘Epileptic Martyns No Strobe Mix’ (Shut Up And Dance)
Martyn Ft. Dbridge – ‘These Words’ (3024)

Clubroot – ‘Low Pressure Zone’ (Lo Dubs)
Madd – ‘I Know It’s U’ (White)
Kito ft. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’ (Disfigured Dubs)
TRG – ‘Just Me’ (White)
Pinch – ‘Attack Of the Giant Robot Spiders’ (White)
Peverelist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ (Punch Drunk)
Scuba – ‘Negative’ (Naked Lunch)
Kalbata – ‘Oh Gosh’ (White)
TRG – ‘New In Town’ (White)
Kode 9 – ‘Bad’ (Hyperdub)
Deekline & Wizard – ‘Back Up (Love for the Music) – TRG Remix’(Against The Grain)
Joker & Ginz – ‘ReUp’ (Kapsize)
TRG – ‘909 Trek’ (White)