Strictly Kev

Solid Steel Show 2011-06-10 A La Fu and Strictly Kev

“This week we welcome A La Fu, the man behind many excellent mixtapes and podcasts for Big Dada. This mix for Solid Steel has been recorded as an accompaniment to A La Fu’s new release DJ Memoirs: Choose Your Own Adventure. The music on offer starts with Redinho, Traxman and plenty of Juke flavoured delights from Planet Mu. The beats drop down for True Tiger and Aardvarck, before taking it back up for tracks from Ramadanman, Seiji and Hot City, ending on ‘No Sympathy’ from Super Furry Animals. In hour 2 Strictly Kev presents his ‘Lynch Party mix Part 1’. Brendan Lynch is probably best known for his remixes and production work for the likes of Paul Weller, Primal Scream and Ocean Colour Scene. In his Lynchmob guise, alongside Max Heyesggggg, he’s arguably been responsible for the more experimental moments in these groups’ careers, taking tracks and twisting them inside out. In the first of two mixes, Strictly Kev collects the best of these for a downtempo set of heavy beats, dub and electronics, the modfather features on half of it but this is his most funky, out there material.”
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Solid Steel Show 2011-06-10 A La Fu and Strictly Kev [Filesonic]

See text file.

Solid Steel Show 2011-02-18 DJ Redrum and Strictly Kev

“This week Redrum starts the show with his Boomtape mix. The Barcelona based French DJ kicks off with funky breaks courtesy of Ali B and gets progressively tougher with Vent and Vibesquad. We continue with music from Wiley, Redlight and Poirier, plus the bass heavy Doorly remix of the Scruff classic ‘Get a move on’. This is spiced with different latino, oriental and balkan flavours throughout, before ending on a dubstep note. Strictly Kev revisits hip hop from 1989 having been asked to play at Classic Material, a night run by Chris Read (whose mix we recently featured). Each month the night celebrates a year from Hip Hop’s past. It was the turn of 1989 which was a special year, rich in musical delights with the beginnings of gangster rap taking over Hip Hop and the emergence of De La Soul’s Daisy Age with their incredible ‘3 Feet High & Rising’ album. All this plus the Beastie Boys, Gang Starr, Jungle Brothers and the excellent ‘Calm down’ by Most Wanted.”
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Solid Steel Show 2011-02-18 DJ Redrum and Strictly Kev [Hotfile download]

Part 1 & 2 – DJ Redrum

Ali B vs Jungle Brothers _ Beats on a String _ Air
Mimosa _ Kinetic _ Muti Music
Vent _ Monkey Chew _ Hardcore Beats
Vibesquad _ Custom Stuff _ Vibesquad
David Starfire _ Sitarfire _ Six Degrees
Riva Starr _ Black Cat White Cat _ HedKandi
Dj Gregory and Sidney Samson _ Dama S Salon _ Faya Combo
Beezy _ Day In The Life (L-Vis 1990 remix) _ Rinse
Zinc _ Nexx _ Bingo Bass
Wiley _ Take That _ Island
Freestylers and Pendulum _ Jump n Twist _ Against the grain
Fort Knox Five _ Papa Was Stoned (Fuzzbox remix) _ Fort Knox Music
Redlight ft Rose Gabor _ Stupid _ Digital Soundboy
Greenmoney _ Who’s Greenmoney (Mele remix) _ Fools Gold
MJ Cole Ft Serocee _ AO (Zed Bias wind up mix) _ Prolific
Mr Scruff _ Get A Move On (Doorly remix) _ Pigeonhole This
Jesse Rose _ Night At The Dogs _ Ministry of Sound
Poirier _ Marathon _ Ninja Tune
Modeselktor _ Cash _ Get Physical Music
Magnetic Man _ I Need Air (DJP’s Dubfunk Refix) _ unknown
Doctor P _ Vampire Dub _ Circus
Egyptrixx _ Godzilla _ Electrostimulation
J Sweet _ Bass Abuse _ Wheel & Deal
Virus Syndicate ft Kromestar _ Anything _ Contagious
Scratcha DVA _ Nasty Nasty Nasty (Sukh Knight remix) _ DVA
Part 3 & 4 – Strictly Kev
Tone Loc _ On Fire (Remix) _ Delicous Vinyl
Gang Starr _ Words I Manifest _ Wild Pitch
Chill Rob G _ Court’s In Session _ Wild Pitch
Beastie Boys _ Hey Ladies _ Capitol
Jungle Brothers _ Jbeez Comin’ Through _ Warner
Beastie Boys _ Shadrach _ Capitol
Beastie Boys _ Shake Your Rump _ Capitol
EPMD _ Big Payback _ Sleeping Bag
Ultramagnetic MCs _ A Chorus Line _ Next Plateau
Public Enemy _ Fight The Power _ Motown
De La Soul _ Say No Go (Say No Dope mix) _ Tommy Boy
Most Wanted _ Calm Down _ Fever
Hijack _ Badman Is Robbin’ _ Rhyme Syndicate
Ice T _ Lethal Weapon _ Sire
Twin Hype _ Do It To The Crowd _ Profile
Jungle Brothers _ Tribe Vibes _ Warner
Jungle Brothers _ Beyond This World _ Warner
Cookie Crew _ Born This Way _ FFRR
Jungle Brothers _ Good News Coming _ Warner
The D.O.C _ Portrait of a Masterpiece _ Ruthless
Hijack _ Doomsday of Rap (Ice T Remix) _ Rhyme Syndicate
De La Sou _ Magic Number (123 mix) _ Tommy Boy
Doug Lazy _ Let It Roll _ Grove St
Double Trouble & Rebel MC _ Just Keep Rockin’ _ Desire

Solid Steel Show 2010-11-05 United States of Audio and Strictly Kev

“The Ninja Tune XX celebrations continue touring the world dropping into Japan this weekend and we have another all Ninja Tune show this week. United States of Audio has a track on the boxset with his remix of Coldcut’s ‘More Beats and Pieces’ and he delves through the catalogue to spin his favourite tracks from the last 20 years. Ninja Tune first became known for ‘Trip Hop’, originally alluding to ‘Trippy Hip Hop’, but what about all the other trippy music released on the label over the years? Bands like Super Numeri, The Slew, Yppah or the Dragons? Strictly Kev has put together an hour of guitar fuzz, wah wah, delay and heavy beats focusing on the acid rock and psychedelic stylings of the label.”
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Solid Steel Show 2010-11-05 United States of Audio and Strictly Kev [Hotfile download]

PART 1 + 2 – United States of Audio
DJ Food _ Scratch Yer Hed (Squarepusher mix) _ Ninja Tune
DJ Food _ Scratch Yer Hed _ Ninja Tune
The Herbaliser _ Herbal Blend _ Ninja Tune
Mr Scruff _ Ug _ Ninja Tune
DJ Shadow _ Roy’s Theme _ Ninja Tune
Hexstatic _ Ninja Tune _ Ninja Tune
DJ Food _ Sexy Bits (Autechre mix) _ Ninja Tune
Amon Tobin _ Four Ton Mantis _ Ninja Tune
The Herbaliser _ More Styles _ Ninja Tune
DJ Shadow _ Bring Madlib Up _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ Give It Up _ Ninja Tune
Pest _ Chicken Spit _ Ninja Tune
Roots Manuva _ Witness (accapella) _ Big Dada
The Qemists _ Dem Na Like Me _ Ninja Tune
The Qemists _ Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Mix) _ Ninja Tune
Up, Bustle & Out _ Ninja’s Principality _ Ninja Tune
DJ Food _ Scratch Yer Butt _ Ninja Tune
Steinski & Mass Media _ Up To You _ Ninja Tune
DJ Toolz _ Rusty Goes Gaga _ Ninja Tune
DJ Food _ Dark Lady _ Ninja Tune
Poirier _ Let Them Hate (Mungo’s Hi Fi Mix) _ Ninja Tune
The Slew _ It’s All Over _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ True Skool _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ Last Night a Cliche Saved My Life _ Ninja Tune
Kid Koala _ Heeeeears Koala _ Ninja Tune
DJ Food _ Dark Blood _ Ninja Tune
DJ Kentaro _ Tasogare Highway High (Bass Wanna Be A Singer) _ Ninja Tune
The Cinematic Orchestra _ Channel One Suite _ Ninja Tune
The Herbaliser _ 8pt Agenda _ Ninja Tune
Kid Koala _ Tricks n Treats _ Ninja Tune
Hexstatic _ Solid Steel Rock School _ Ninja Tune
Kid Koala _ Slew Test 2 _ Ninja Tune
Diplo _ Big Lost _ Big Dada
DJ Vadim _ The Terrorist (DJ Kentaro version) _ Ninja Tune
DJ Food _ Scratch Your Head (Squarepusher mix) _ Ninja Tune
2 Player _ Extreme Possibilities (Luke Vibert mix) _ Ninja Tune
Funk Porcini _ Car Wreck _ Ninja Tune
Amon Tobin _ Natureland _ Ninja Tune
The Herbaliser _ Mr Chombee Has the Flaw _ Ninja Tune
Cabbage Boy _ Bean To This World _ Ninja Tune
Amon Tobin _ Sordid _ Ninja Tune
The Herbaliser _ Giant Wall Crawling Insect Breaks _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ More Beats and Pieces (DJ Lord Fader mix) _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ More Beats and Pieces _ Ninja Tune
Bonobo _ Pick Up _ Ninja Tune
Zero db _ Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines _ Ninja Tune
Mr Scruff _ Get a Move On _ Ninja Tune
Mr Scruff _ Cat and Mouse _ Ninja Tune
Diplo _ Summer’s Gonna Hurt You _ Big dada
Coldcut & Hexstatic _ Timber (Quant’s Shaggy Dog Story) _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ Atomic Moog 2000 (Herbaliser mix) _ Ninja Tune
Coldcut _ More Beats and Pieces (United States of Audio mix) _ Ninja Tune
Hexstatic _ Vector (Si Begg mix) _ Ninja Tune

PART 3 + 4 – Strictly Kev
Sixtoo _ Chainsaw Buffet _ Ninja Tune
Gaslamp Killer & Computer J _ Shattering Inner Journeys _ Brainfeeder
Diplo _ Don’t Fall _ Big Dada
DJ Food feat. Natural Self _ The Illectrik Hoax _ Ninja Tune
Diplo _ Now’s The Time _ Big Dada
Gaslamp Killer & Computer J _ Shattering Inner Journeys _ Brainfeeder
The Slew _ Robbing Banks, (Doin’ Time) _ Puget Sound
Pop Levi _ Blue Honey (Amorphous Androgynous remix) _ Counter
DJ Food _ All Covered In Darkness Pt.2 _ Ninja Tune
Diplo _ Making It Hard (unreleased) _ Big Dada
The Dragons _ Sunset Scenery _ Ninja Tune
Pop Levi _ Blue Honey (Amorphous Androgynous remix) _ Ninja Tune
Super Numeri _ The Spies of St. Ives _ Ninja Tune
The Dragons _ Big Mike Requiem _ Ninja Tune
The Heavy _ Oh No! Not You Again _ Counter
Yppah _ The Drag _ Ninja Tune
The Slew _ Battle of Heaven & Hell _ Puget Sound
Sixtoo _ Storm Clouds & Silver Linings feat. Damo Suzuki _ Ninja Tune

Solid Steel Show 2010-05-07 Strictly Kev and Moon Wiring Club

“Solid Steel in association with Serato (7th May) This week Strictly Kev brews up a mix with a distinct whiff of Brit nostalgia taking in vintage electronica, psychedelic folk, outer space beats and deep dubstep. Both The Simonsound and Moon Wiring Club feature three times and we have guest mixes from them this and next week, plus tracks from Blockhead, James Pants and Gil Scott Heron.

In Hour 2 an Endless Teatime can be a very long time indeed, but Purveyors of Confusing English Electronic Music, the Moon Wiring Club, have selected a Confectioner’s Radiogram of aural treats to accompany your 432nd cuppa.
Expect a connoisseurs earful of Library Music, Instrumental Hip-hop, adapted antique 8bit sounds, dusted electronica and saucy Synth-pop. All supremely buttered-up with a diabolical assortment of English voice snippets, and choice selections from the MWC back-catalogue tea-trolley.”
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Solid Steel Show 2010-05-07 Strictly Kev and Moon Wiring Club [Hotfile download]

PART 1 – Strictly Kev
Moon Wiring Club – In Your Own Time – Gecophonic
Lost Idol – Beesmouth – Cookshop
Moon Wiring Club – Always A Welcome – Gecophonic
Gil Scott Heron – Where Did The Night Go? – Xl
Kid Kanevil – Lantern – First Word
Demdike Stare – Forest Of Evil (dawn) – Modern Love
Tristram Cary – Shaped For Living (excerpt) – Trunk
The Advisory Circle – Mind How You Go Now – Ghost Box
Blockhead – Four Walls – Ninja Tune
Linda Perhacs – Parrallelograms – Wild Places
Broadcast & The Focus Group – The Be Colony – Warp

PART 2 – Strictly Kev
Paul Weller – Part 2. A Dream In Pieces (amorphous Andgrogynous Remix) – Island
Comus – The Herald (2econd Class Citizen Remix) – Mp3
The Simonsound – Lunar Ascent – First Word
Beta Hector Band Feat. Dionne Charles – Payback – Tru Thoughts
The Simonsound – Against The Clock – First Word
Moon Wiring Club – Teacake Time – Gecophonic
James Pants – Space Date – Stones Throw
The Simonsound – Moon Rocks – First Word
Tristram Cary – Centre Music – Trunk

PART 3 – Moon Wiring Club
Moon Wiring Club – Ghost Radio – Gecophonic
Gouriet/phillips – Desolate Voices – Chappell
Moon Wiring Club – Strangers In The Music – Gecophonic
Alan Vickers – The Man In The White Suit – Kpm
White Noise – The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell – Island
Souji Taro/masanori Adachi. – Super Castlevania Iv – Snes
Joe Griffiths – A Hippo Called Hubert – Kpm
David Mindel – District Nurse – Bbc
Max404 – Lost – Eevo Lute
Moon Wiring Club – The Edwardians Begin To Enjoy Themselves – Gecophonic
Jacques Erdos – Imitation – Rca
Quasimoto – Low Class Conspiracy – Stones Throw
Harry Robertson – Crow – The Elf – Chips
Laibach – Kapital – Mute
J Dilla – Safety Dance – Stones Throw
E. Vetter/w Merrick Farran – Rum Baba – Kpm
Woodbines & Spiders – Sketches Of Osram – Gecophonic
Moon Wiring Club – Creep In Our Ears – Gecophonic

PART 4 – Moon Wiring Club
Moon Wiring Club – Opening Leaves – Gecophonic
Broadcast & The Focus Group – A Medium’s High – Warp
Ravi Shankar – Alice In Wonderland – Bbc
Moon Wiring Club – I Can See You – Gecophonic
Madvillian – Supervillian Theme (instrumental) – Stones Throw
Nurse With Wound/current 93 – Mothering Sunday (legion Legion) – United Dairies
Joe Ufer & His Drums – Drums Of Phasing 12 – Selected Sound
Niagra – Drums – Dusty Fingers
John Zorn – Sacred Rites Of The Left Hand Path – Tzadik
Sauveur Mallia – Bass Power – Telemusic
Vanity 6 – Make Up – Warner Bros
Moon Wiring Club – Always A Welcome – Gecophonic
Ssq – Walkman On – Enigma Records
Datashat – Dci Burnside – Unreleased
James Asher – Rock’n’roll Olympics – Bruton
Moon Wiring Club – Home For Incurables – Gecophonic

Solid Steel Show 2010-04-02 Clubb Rock and Strictly Kev

Great mixes from Clubb Rock and Strictly Kev!
“Solid Steel in association with Serato (2nd April) This week Clubb Rock debut on Solid Steel bringing you a bassline heavy set that has the duo of Mikee Lazy and DJ Judge mixing up tracks from the mighty Zinc , Benga, Warrior One, Skream and another spin for the Nero remix of MJ Cole’s ‘Sincere’.

Hour 2 has Striclty Kev with Part 2 of his new Blech collection – classic tracks from Warp’s 20 year history, mixed together by DJ Food with a nod to the Blech mixes he did with PC in the 90’s. Certain sections mirror the set played at Warp’s 20th anniversary gig in London, 2009. Classics from the big guns Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin, LFO and Squarepusher appear alongside more recent offerings from Flying Lotus, Jackson and Battles.”
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Solid Steel Show 2010-04-02 Clubb Rock and Strictly Kev [Depositfiles download] [ download]

PART 1 — Clubb Rock

Adam F & Horx – Shut The Lights Off (caspa & Trolley Snatcha Remix) [Breakbeat Kaos]
Crissy Criss – I DonÕt Smoke The Reefer [Rat Records]
Clubb Rock – Bounty Killa Sound [Unknown]
Benga Ft Eve – Me And My Bitches [Unknown]
Deekline & Redpolo – Forget Bout Dre (dubstep Remix) [Booty Breaks]
Chromeo – Night By Night (skream Remix) [Green Label]
Sidney Samson – Riverside (lets Go) (breakage Remix) [Data]
Ludacris – How Low [Def Jam]
Doctor P – Sweet Shop [Circus]
Cotti Ft Doctor – Rise The Temperature [Mta]
Skream – Minimalistix [Nonplus]
Mj Cole – Sincere (nero Remix) [Prolific]
Sorecee & Mj Cole – Badeng [Unknown]
Zinc & Benga – My Dj [Zinc Music]
Hostage – Achtung [Nightshifters]
Sub Focus – Could This Be Real [Ram]
Suncycle Ft Movado – No More (redlight & Toddla T Remix) [Suncycle]
Tigerstyle Ft Vybz Kartel – Balleshava [Nachural]
Wiley Ft Emeli Sande – Never Be Your Woman (solo Dub) [Paragon]

PART 2 — Clubb Rock

Zinc – The Music Maker [Zinc Music]
Roundtable Knights – Calaypso [Made To Play]
Warrior One – Turn The Music Up [King Pigeon]
French Fries – Predador (tomb Crew Remix) [Youngunz]
Donaeo – Riot Music (the Nextmen Remix) [Digital Soundboy]
Clubb Rock – Gyal Hip Shaker [Unknown]
Stenchmen – What The Hell Are You [Prime Audio]
Breakage – Higher [Digital Soundboy]
Gorillaz – Stylo (seiji Remix) [Parlophone]
Kingdom Ft Shyvonne – Mind Reader (l-vis 1990 Mix) [Kingdom]
Aquasky & Slip Z Dapz – You Know We Do It Big [Passenger]
Warrior One – Bad Like Jimmy Cliff [King Pigeon]

PART 3 — Strictly Kev

Luke Vibert – Countdown [Warp]
Battles – Atlas [Warp]
Polygon Window – Polygon Window [Warp]
Freak – Lfo [Warp]
Squarepusher – The Barn (303 Kebab Mix) [Warp]
Anti-pop Consortium – Ghostlawns [Warp]
Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car [Warp]
Aphex Twin – On [Warp]
Aphex Twin – White Blur [Warp]
Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Harp (rebekah Raff Remix) [Warp]
Autechre – Lost [Warp]
Disjecta – Kracht [Warp]
Autechre – Flutter [Warp]
Autechre – Rotar [Warp]
Plaid – Yamemm [Warp]

PART 4 — Strictly Kev

Jackson – Utopia [Warp]
Richard H. Kirk – Worldwar Three [Warp]
Jackson – Radio Caca [Warp]
Black Dog – Chase The Manhattan [Warp]
Red Snapper – Last One (dj Food Remix Edit) [Warp]
Dj Mink – Hey Hey Can You Relate [Warp]
808 State – Flow Coma (afx Remix) [Warp]
Squarepusher – Fat Controller [Warp]
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker [Warp]
Autechre – Basscadet [Warp]
Luke Vibert – Yoseph [Warp]
Lfo – Lfo (leeds Warehouse Mix) / We Are Back [Warp]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye [Warp]
Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye – Drane 2 [Warp]
Seefeel – Spangle [Warp]solid.rtf

Solid Steel Show 2010-01-08 mixes by Strictly Kev, Chris Read and Danny Delta

“Solid Steel in association with Serato (January 8th) Strictly Kev aka DJ Food showcases his new EP – The Shape Of Things That Hum alongside a collection of tracks that influenced him whilst making it as well as a few favourites from 2009. EP ingredients like The The, King Cannibal and John Rydgren sit alongside a slew of Ninja and Big Dada artists (including The Slew) giving an insight into what was on the deck at the end of the decade.
In the second hour, friends of Solid Steel, Chris Read and Danny Delta present their ‘Game on’ mix from last year. There’s a smattering of hip hop leading into some jazzier beats, including some interesting edits of classic tunes from the likes of Donald Byrd, Franki Valli and Jean Knight amongst others.”
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Solid Steel Show 2010-01-08 mixes by Strictly Kev, Chris Read and Danny Delta [Hotfile download]

PART 1 — Strictly Kev
The Simonsound / Tour De Mars*Project Blue Book
John Murtaugh / Slinky*Unknown
Anti Pop Consortium / The Solution*Big Dada
Dj Food & DK / Sentinel (shadow Guard)*Ninja Tune
2econd Class Citizen / A World Without*Equinox
The Slew / “robbing Banks, Doing Time”*Ninja Tune
Dudley Moore Trio / Gpo Tower*Decca
Dj Food / Brother John*Ninja Tune
Alan Parker / The Free Life (a)*Whr
The The / Tender Mercy*Lazarus
Dj Food / Extract From Stlen Moments Too*Ninja Tune
Beastie Boys / Do It*Grand Royal
Anti Pop Consortium / Capricorn One*Big Dada

PART 2 — Strictly Kev
King Cannibal / A Shining Force*Ninja Tune
Dj Food / All Covered In Darkness (mr P Beats/vocal Remix)*Ninja Tune
Deckard / Dignity Of Men*Equinox
Dj Food / Giant (instrumental)*Ninja Tune
Juice Aleem / Higher Higher*Big Dada
The Slew / Battle Of Heaven & Hell*Ninja Tune
Dj Food / Sentinel (lunar Defence)*Ninja Tune
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics / Anglo Ethio Suite*Strut
Dj Food / All Covered In Darkness (mr P In 3 Remix)*Ninja Tune
Imogen Heap / Just For Now (deep Design Remix)*Mp3
Skylab / ? Pt.3*Eye Q

PART 3 — Chris Read & Danny Delta
Alchemist / Stop Frontin*Decon
Run DMC / My Adidas (taggy Matcher Remix)*Stix
Eslam Jawaad / Rewind Dj Feat De La Soul*Eslamaphobic
Sporto Kantes / Car Video*Wagram Records
Jean Knight / Mr Big Stuff*Stax
Harmonic 313 / Cyclotron*Warp
Notes To Self / Days Like These*Bbe
Hocus Pocus / Conscient*On And On Records
Lg & Biscuit Feat Dubbledge / Sonshine (instrumental)*Sit Tight

PART 4 — Chris Read & Danny Delta
Hocus Pocus / Dig This (acapella)*On And On Records
First Rate Feat Skinny Man / Bar Fight (blackbeard Instrumental)*Scenario
Nextmen Feat Alice Russell / Let It Roll*Genuine
23 Skidoo / Dusk Til Dawn*Nuphonic
Thievery Corporation / The Numbers Game (ft Chuck Brown)*Eighteenth Street
Mr Scruff / Rocking Chair*Ninja Tune
12th Floor / Get Down*Raw Fusion
Ilya / Bliss (max Sedgley Remix Instrumental)*Virgin
Ralph Myers And The Jack Herren Band / Think Twice*Emperor Norton
Franki Valli And The Four Seasons

Solid Steel Show 2009-12-18 Best of 2009 part 1 with DK, Strictly Kev and Mr Armtone

“Solid Steel in association with Serato (18th December) We start our review of 2009 looking back at the most popular mixes as voted by you the listeners. We start with the ‘old skool’ residents with DK and Strictly Kev having their most popular mixes revisited, followed by the guest mix of the year.
DK’s mix from April, is a bass heavy start with Two Fingers remixed by Spor, Mix n Blend and Bassnectar’s awesome ‘Heads Up’, followed by the massive Skream mix of La Roux. Classic go-go from Trouble Funk and Arcadion with their own take, plus jazz from Tenorio Jr and funky breaks from Radio trip.
Strictly Kev’s July set gave us a taste of songs that inspired and helped form his EP, together with the tracks themselves. All the artists who feature on the record are present from The Dragons, Ken Nordine, Dr. Rubberfunk, Natural Self and Bundy K Brown.
The winner of the guest mix of the year 2009 is Mr Armtone from Russia. It’s a mix across the board, as we like it, starting on an electro tip with Visage, A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts, all things dub with Augustus Pablo and Digital Mystikz, plus Drum and Bass from 4 Hero, High Contrast and Cyantific wrapping around Nickleback. The Headhunters, Dr Rubberfunk and Joe Henry take it down to a more soulful close. Congratulations Mr Armtone.”
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Solid Steel Show 2009-12-18 Best of 2009 part 1 with DK, Strictly Kev and Mr Armtone [ download]

Part 1 – DK
Two fingers – That Girl feat Sway (Spor Remix) – Big Dada
Mix n Blend – Tantrum Feat Sfr & Ej Von Lyrik – African Dope
Bassnectar – Heads Up – Amorphous Music
La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream remix) – Polydor
Jazmine Sullivan – Need U Bad (Seiji Dub) – Unknown
Emperor Machine – Infinity Plus One – DC
Ras G – Desert Fairy – Brainfeeder
Trouble Funk – So Early In The Moring – DETT
Arcadion – Ghost Feeder – DC
DJ Sun – Para (J Boogie Remix) – Alternate Take
Tenorio JR – Consolacao – RGS/Far Out
Radio Trip – Computers Singing – Jalapeno

Part 2 – Strictly Kev
DJ Food – The Illectrik Hoax Feat. Natural Self – Ninja Tune
Rare Bird – Hammerhead – Abc / Dunhill
The Black Keys – Have Love Will Travel – Alive
The Broken Keys – Razorblade – Tru Thoughts
Mr Chop – The Infinity Machine*Now Again
Oasis – Falling Down (amorphous Androgynous Exploding Bubble Remix) – Big Brother
DJ Food – Extract From Stolen Moments – Ninja Tune
The Dragons – Soul Teacher – Rural Records

Part 3 – Mr. Armtone
Visage – Pleasure Boys – Polydor
A-Skillz & Krafty Kuts – Come Alive – Finger Lickin
Dynamo Productions – Message From The King (Smoove’s Remix) – Unique
Lateef & Z-Trip Feat. Chali 2na – Mass Hysteria – Quannum
DJ Shadow – Right Thing (Tokio Ghetto Tech Remix) – Mo Wax
Uberzone – Botz (Synthetik Mix) – Astralwerks
Buckfunk 3000 – 2 Much Booty (Product 1 Remix) – Bowwow
David Holmes – My Mate Paul – Go!beat
Cut Copy – Nine Summertime – Rex
Augustus Pablo – Rockers Dub – Greensleeves
Digital Mystikz – Ancient Memories – Dmz
Wonder – Chi Flute – Dump Valve
Ital Tek – Pins – Planet Mu
Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall (Acapella) – XL
Rusko – Love Is Real – Sub Soldiers
Selah Collins – Dubwize (Bop Collective Mix) – Bop Musiq
Depth Charge – Supersonic Monsters – DC
Cyantific – Ghetto Blaster – Hospital
4 Hero – Morning Child (L.a.o.s. D&B Mix) – Raw Canvas

Part 4 – Mr. Armtone
Utah Saints – Something Good ’08 (High Contrast Remix) – Data
Dr. Octagon – Trees (The Qemists Mix) – Buttercuts
I Kamanchi – Sounds Of The Culture (Mr. Armtone Re-Edit)
Nickelback – How You Remind Me – Roadrunner
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Hospital
DJ Kentaro – Tasogare Highway High (Bass Wanna Be A Singer) – Ninja Tune
M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Diplo Street Remix) – Interscope
Tipper – Razor Back – Tipper Music
Neon Neon – Luxury Pool – Lex
Me & You – Even Vulcans Cry – Rebtuz
The Revolutionaries – African Spirit – Hit-Bound
DJ Vadim – Terrorist (Acapella) – Ninja Tune
Underwolves – So Blue It’s Black (Heavy Manners Remix) – Blue Island
Mark B & Blade – The Long Awaited – Wordplay
The Headhunters – God Made Me Funky – Street Beat
Dr. Rubberfunk – Part Of Me – Jalapeno
Ugly Duckling – Einstein’s On Stage – Fat Beats
Achisa – Say No To Guns (Cosmic Blues Remix) – Electric M.e.l.t.
The Chemical Brothers – Seal – Virgin
Kruder & Dorfmeister – Original Bedroom Rockers – Quango
Joe Henry – Angels – Mammoth

Solid Steel Show 2009-12-11 Strictly Kev, Sub Focus and The Beekeepers

“Solid Steel in association with Serato (11 th December) Fresh from playing Warp’s 20th birthday bash in London Strictly lays down part 1 of a special Blech 20 set for the first hour. Heavy with classic 90’s era heavy-weights like Aphex, Autechre, LFO and Squarepusher he goes for the tricky mixes before upping the tempo and finally stretching out in ambient mode for the final 10 minutes. Part 2 should be available via the Warp mailing list before Xmas.

Sub Focus kicks off hour 2 with a trademark high octane mix of tracks from Culture Shock, Brookes Brothers, Deadmau5 and tracks & remixes from the man himself, including the awesome Timewarp and more cuts from his self titled album.

To close the show, we have The Beekeepers. Made up of Bristol’s Nu Funk pioneer Boca45 and rising star Parker, they produce some badass B Funk and share a mutual love of beats, breaks and Bristol City. The mix features music from their Bee Funk EP on Jalepeno that takes in the vast array of influences that glide through soul, breaks, funk, rock, classical and back again.”
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Solid Steel Show 2009-12-11 Strictly Kev, Sub Focus and The Beekeepers [ download]

PART 1 — Strictly Kev
Clark Herzog Warp
Jamie Lidell A Little Bit More (luke Vibert Mix) Warp
Aphex Twin Vnetolin (deep Gong Mix) Warp
Prefuse 73 Robot Snares Got No Cadences Of Balances Warp
Harmonic 313 Dirtbox Warp
Aphex Twin Window Sill Warp
Nightmares On Wax Night Interlude Warp
Nightmares On Wax What I’m Feeling (rae & Christian Remix) Warp
Lfo Shove Piggy Shove Warp
Mira Calix Ilanga Warp
Boards Of Canada Happy Cycling Warp
Jamie Lidell Multiply (a Cappella) Warp
Autechre Teartear Warp
Aphex Twin Ventolin (plain-an-gwarry Mix) Warp
Plaid Alba Eedio Warp
Boards Of Canada Sixtyten Warp

PART 2 — Strictly Kev
Lfo Tied Up Warp
Lfo Them Warp
Autechre Cipater Warp
Mike Ink Paroles Warp
Lfo Pathfinder Warp
Link Amazon Amenity (chameleon Remix) Warp
Afx Children Talking Warp
Aphex Twin & Squarepusher Freeman Hardy & Willis Warp
Aphex Twin Bucephalus Bouncing Ball Warp
Aphex Twin Cock 10 Warp
Boards Of Canada Zoetrope Warp
Broadcast & The Focus Group Various Cuts Warp
Jimi Tenor Backbone Of Night Warp
John Callaghan I’m Not Comfortable In My Own Mind Warp

PART 3 — Sub Focus
Nextmen Lion’s Den (sigma Remix) Sanctuary
Dizzee Rascal Dirtee Cash (sub Focus Remix) Dirtee Stank
Sub Focus Triple X Ram Records
Culture Shock Bad Red Ram Records
Brookes Brothers And Danny Byrd Paper Chase Bbk
Deadmau5 Ghosts N Stuff (sub Focus Remix) Mau5trap
Sub Focus Could This Be Real (sub Focus Dnb Remix) Ram Records
Sub Focus Splash Ram Records
Sub Focus Timewarp Vip Ram Records
Sub Focus Rock It Ram Records
Original Sin Your Love Playaz
Sub Focus Feat Culture Shock Move Higher Ram Records
Fake Blood Mars(jack Beats Remix) Cheap Thrills
Sub Focus Could This Be Real Ram Records
Redlight Feels So Good Lobster Boy
Sub Focus Last Jungle (808 Mix) Ram Records
Sub Focus Coming Closer Ram Records

PART 4 — The Beekeepers
The Bee Keepers Spelling Bee Jalapeno
Boca 45 Air Drums High Noon
Parker Penny Dreadful Leisure Recordings
The Beekeepers Transcript Jalapeno
Body Beard Brothers Original Love Injection ( Boca 45 Remix ) Leisure Recordings
Parker Riddim Zilla Goodgroove
Boca 45 Meaning Of Live Jalapeno
Parker Ups N Downs Goodgroove
P Zilla Baddest Man Goodgroove
Parker Shake Down Unknown
Boca 45 Down To Mexico Jalapeno
Fort Knox Five Party Pushers ( Boca 45 Remix ) Fort Knox Recordings
The Beekeepers Symphony In Bee Jalapeno
Parker Where’s My Monkey? Unknown
James Brown It’s A Mans Dem World ( Parker Edit )