Stefano Secci – Core News Sessions #12

Core News Sessions are back again. This time we get a beautiful house mix by the Italian DJ Stefano Secci.
Stefano has been a DJ for 25 years and are currently collaborating with Ibiza Global Radio the basement, RONDÒ Global Music Collective and Global radio mixx.
Here is some words about Stefano Secci and the mix:
“Stefano discovers electronic music since his childhood, when his father listened to the tapes and vinyls of: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Sigue Sigue Sputnik JMJarrè.
One evening he was invited to a party of friends and there for the first time sees a turntable 12010. E ‘love at first vista. He can not do without it, and since then, They will be forever, friends inseparable. Stefano She borrows them, buys two vinyls Techno and begins to learn how to mix. Stefano has no money is little more ‘than a child. Parents can not indulge the passion for money problems. He, however, ‘does not stop, he insists because wants to succeed at all costs in this. After some time of hard work it comes out the talent and Stefano starts so to be valued in all Clubs and in the important events of his land, Sardinia. As a DJ is a true miracle and the success arrives. A little later he moved to Germany. His taste and his technique are mature and refined. But family problems led him to break away from the scene. Times change and also the figure of the DJ turns. From some years he started a path of record production and search of its sound.
Stefano Secci is an eclectic artist who likes space musically.
He prefers the sounds Deep House and then, evolve, through the house and tech house.
Stefano, is achieving great success out there for dj technique performance and the beauty of its mix podcasts.
All exclusively mixed live. Mix for me is an art and you have to create magic without the use of sync. When you using a sync this kill yours sound imprint and what ‘that you can make to unique in that time.”

Stefano Secci – Core News Sessions #12 [ download] [ download]

Stefano Secci - Core News Sessions #12

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