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Rob Booth + Luke Vibert – Solid Steel Show 2015-05-08

Big up Rob Booth!!! 🙂
“Rob Booth steps up in Hour 1 with a mix celebrating 2 years of the excellent Houndstooth record label, where he heads up A & R and he also runs the well respected Electronic explorations podcast. Another Falty DL Solid Steel intro starts the show and Rob had this to say about his mix;
“I wanted to present the mix in two parts, the Solid Steel way. The 1st half showcases repertoire primarily from the 1st eighteen months, no better way than starting with our inaugural record, the Present Tense 12” by Call Super, such an exciting artist culminating with his recent critically acclaimed debut album. Of course I also had to include a few tracks from the Soul Music LP, Paul Woolford’s Special Request moniker, especially the Hackney Parrot VIP, coupled with the polished jungle/techno experimentalism of Akkord and the 160bpm mosaic of Throwing Snow.
As the mix enters the 2nd half the emphasis moves to our latest signings, Berlin based Marquis Hawkes, Norwegian duo Soft as Snow and LA duo 18+, who’ve kept us busy this past year with the mix concluding with Jassy Graz on vocals, a personal favourite, was so good to see Ross and Jassy invited to Maida Vale LIVE for Radio 1. I can’t stress enough the privilege of being on SS, I’ve been archiving these shows for so long now””
In Hour 2 it’s Luke Vibert, a man of many monikers including Wagon Christ, Plug, Amen Andrews and Kerrier District, under which he recently released an album entitled 4 on Hypercolour. This is the first Kerrier District album in over 10 years since the Rephlex release back in 2004. Luke has been a guest at Solid Steel club nights over the years and this is his 5th mix, his music has been a firm fixture on the show for over 20 years. He’s even turned out a version of the Solid Steel intro especially for us and not for the first time either. And so on to his mix for this week, with artist titles such as Ragga Houston, Drexipan and AFX Jackson, you know as always with Luke Vibert, you’re in for something unexpected. When asked to sum up his mix, he simply said;
“It’s sum of my stupid mash-ups put together!””
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Rob Booth + Luke Vibert - Solid Steel Show 2015-05-08

Electronic Explorations – Week 060 Rob Booth’s Desert Island Discs Mix – An Exploration In Time

Electronic Explorations week 60 is out with a wicked mix. All the tunes are selected by Rob Booth (the guy running the Electronic Explorations podcast) the himself and mixed by Shrink II Fit. Rob Booth have selected tunes that he have listened to when growing up. Lots of nice old and new tracks in this mix.

Electronic Explorations – Week 060 Rob Booth’s Desert Island Discs Mix

[00] – Electronic Explorations Intro
[01] – Dopplereffekt – Speak and Spell
[02] – Cybertron – Clear
[03] – Autechre – Basscadet
[04] – Model 500 – Night Drive
[05] – Plasticman – Glob
[06] – DJ Misjah and DJ Tim – Access
[07] – Jeff Mills – The Bells
[08] – iTAL tEK – Bloodline
[09] – Vex’d – Killing Floor
[10] – Vex’d – Bombardment of Saturn
[11] – The Advent – Bad Boy
[12] – The Advent – Bad Boy (Planetary Assault Systems Mix)
[13] – Cybertron – Techno City
[14] – The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar
[15] – The Advent – Another Planet
[16] – Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise /Andy Stott – Ceramics
[17] – Phutre Pfantasy Club – Spank Spank
[18] – Leftfield – Storm 3000
[19] – Aaron Spectre – Say More Fire
[20] – Pangaea – Router
[21] – Datach’i – Twin Gant
[22] – Squarepusher – Tundra4 /West Street Mob – Breakdance (Electric Boogie)
[23] – Josh Wink – Higher State of consciousness (Shrink II Fit Re-Edit)
[24] – Photek – UFO
[25] – Milanese – Iacon
[26] – Rage Against The Machine – Wake Up
[27] – Bizzy B – Beats In My Head
[28] – The Suburban Knight – Infra Red Spectrum
[29] – Surgeon – Atol
[30] – Drexciya – Black Sea
[31] – Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca
[32] – Surgeon – Badger Bite
[33] – Pinch – Qawwali
[34] – Quark, Ruckspin & Planas – Miserere
[35] – Surgeon – Whose Bad Hands Are These (Roly Vex’d Remix)
[36] – Burial – Gutted
[37] – Loefah – Mud
[38] – Milanese Vs Virus Syndicate – Dead Man Walking
[39] – Datach’i – Ed’s Head
[40] – Mount Kimbie – Maybes /Dave Clarke – No Ones Driving /King Cannibal – Aragami Style
[41] – Funki Porcini – King Ashabanapal Pt II
[42] – Philip Glass – Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix)