Pinch + Perera Elsewhere – Solid Steel Show 2014-05-30

“Solid Steel (30th May) In Hour 1 our guest is Pinch, with a vinyl selection spanning the years. He says about his mix;
“I wanted to take the opportunity to do something different for this Solid Steel mix and I decided to approach the mix as if I was ‘back from a good night out’ and winding down with some late night weird selections from my vinyl collection. The records were all pulled from my shelves on spur of the moment decisions – trying to dig out as many rare or vinyl-only riddims as I could along the journey. The result is a little self-indulgent and perhaps a bit random in places – but it’s something I’d enjoy listening to myself – so at least it’s honest..”
Meanwhile, in Hour 2 it’s Perera Elsewhere and she tells us;
‘Elsewhere can be a really moody & abstract place of musical refuge but there is definitely also a dancefloor there…this mix tries to incorporate all of that. In the end, the darkness of the dancefloor are a way of escaping the illusion that we call reality. At least it was for me having grown up in grimey London….doomed folk need doom folk and skanking dance music.”
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Pinch + Perera Elsewhere - Solid Steel Show 2014-05-30