BBC 1Xtra UKG / UK Garage M1X with DJ Q 2010-06-09 guests Freddo and Nicole Marie

“DJ and producer Freddo and singer Nicole Marie are in the studio. This programme may contain strong language.
Nicole Marie drops a massive PA version of Freddo’s Memories, plus Freddo gets into a massive Guestmix!”

BBC 1Xtra UKG / UK Garage M1X with DJ Q 2010-06-09 guests Freddo and Nicole Marie [Hotfile download]

Tinie Tempah – Pass Out [Booda Remix 1]
Todd Edwards – I Might Be
Sx – Wooooo Riddim [D Double E Freestyle]
Flux Pavillion – Got 2 Know
Burgaboy – They Wanna Wife Ft Addictive
Garage Jams – Back In My Life Ft Kcat
Rachel M – Loosing Me [Jamie Duggan meets Da Booda Remix]
Jammer – 10 Man Roll ft Boy Better Know
T2 – Love Like This Ft Craig David
Nastee Boi – Just Be Good To Me
JME – CD Is Dead Ft Tempz
Rihanna – Rudeboy [Burgaboy Remix]
Angle – Frett
Bassboy – Won’t Reply Ft Cad
TS7 – Goin’ In Baby ft Trilla
KCat – Epileptic [Dub Melitia Remix]
Freddo – Crazy For You ft Nicole Marie

Freddo – Memories Ft Nicole Marie [1xtra VIP PA]
Trilla – Who Are Ya [S-X Remix]

K Dot – 8 Bar Intro Dub
Bassboy – Wompt Fear 3
Burgaboy – Rudeboy
Freddo – Exorcist ft. Kaos
Pantha – Candy shop [Freddo special]
TS7 – All Nite Long Ft. Slick Don & Specks
Dj Q – It’s A Warp Ting
Freddo – Crazy over you ft. Nicole Marie [V.I.P mix]
Bassboy – Cant get enough ft. Lem [V.I.P mix]
Burgaboy – Jamrock
Shinobi & Kase – Dirty girl [Booda 2010 mix]
Subzero – Dot com ft. Murkz [Freddo special]
Freddo – So sweet
Tinie Tempah – Pass Out [Booda Mix 2]
Freddo – Nothin on you ft. Bruno Mars
Screama – Go [Freddo special]
Freddo – Lovestory ft. Sanna Hartfield
Mr V – Off balance
J2 K – Don’t let it go ft. Roses Gabor

D Double E – Street Fighter
Pendulum – Set Me On Fire
PSG – Put Your Hands Up [Sub Zero Remix]
A Dot R – Walk Away ft Flavia
Doctor P – Sweet Shop [Mikey B Remix]
J Bomma B – Spray Like We ft Trilla, Sony & Tornado [First Born Remix]
J Sweet – Bass Abuse
Dj Q – Badman Ft Bonez & Robbie Rue
Dj Q – Candyshop
Nastee Boi – Done A Man’s Dance
Swifta – Just Do It ft Hannah
Swifta – Tell Me ft Miss Fire
Miss Fire – Take Off Your Clothes [Burgaboy Remix]
Todd Edwards – Never Far From You
Sunglasses – Sub Zero Remix
Deckstar – Take You Away ft Jess Ica
TS7 – Mood Swings
DJ Q – Lost ft Addictive & Slick Don
Wrighty – Spirals
Emvee – Show Me Ft Teresa

Majestic – In The VIP [Boy Better Know Remix]
Champion – Lighter [VIP]
Tenny Ten – Swagnificent [Crazy Cousins Remix]
Bassboy – Let’s Get Nasty ft Cad
Xploder – Don’t Trust You [Digital Dubstar Remix]
Melanie Fiona – It Kills Me [Breakage Remix]
Party Dark – Lets Go [Sunship 2 Step Mix]
The One Hundred – Break Me Down [Control-S Remix]
Kingdom – Mindreader [Todd Edwards Remix]

Freddo – Nothin’ On You Ft. B.O.B