Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 07 08 Guido vs Mochipet vs Computer Jay

Mary Anne Hobbs is back with my favorite radio show. This week we get mixes from Mochipet, Guido and Computer Jay. All good sets and so far I’m liking the Guido mix best, but I’m gonna give the show a few more rewinds.
Hotfile download up for now.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 07 08 Guido vs Mochipet vs Computer Jay [Hotfile download]

Gemmy – ‘Rainbow Rd’ from ‘Wild Angels’ compilation (Planet Mu)
ID & Skinnz – ‘Blues’ (Tectonic)
Hashim B – ‘Tokyo To LA Steez’ from the compilation LP ‘Echo Expansion’ (Porter Records)
Bibio – ‘Fire Ant’ from the LP ‘Ambivalence Avenue’ (Warp)
Ramadanman & Appleblim – ‘Justify’ [Will Saul & Mike Monday remix] (Applepips)
Jahbitat & Daniel Gutierrez – ‘Tonada Del Tormento’ from the LP ‘Echo Expansion’ (Porter Records)
Nochexxx – ‘Smashing Your System’ (Werk)
Mount Kimbie – ‘Serged’ (Hotflush)

Mochipet Mix
Tracklisting to follow

Guido Mix
Guido – ‘Get Up Remix Featuring Yolanda’
Guido – ‘Shades Of Blue’
Guido – ‘Chakra’ (Punch Drunk)
Guido – ‘Beautiful Complication Featuring Aarya’ (Punch Drunk)
Guido – ‘Tango’
Guido – ‘Rush Remix Featuring Jurgen Jnova’
Guido – ‘Orchestral Lab’ (Punch Drunk)
Guido – ‘You Do It Right’
Guido – ‘Cat In The Window’

Computer Jay Mix
Computer Jay – ‘L.A. Stand up’
Computer Jay – ‘Rare Type’
Computer Jay – ‘Zoom’
Computer Jay – ‘Epiphany’
Computer Jay – ‘Chopped Pants’
Computer Jay – ‘In Vain’
Computer Jay – ‘Maintain’
Computer Jay – ‘What should I Think of you’
Computer Jay – ‘Amiss-Long Lost’ [Computer Jay Syntax Error remix]
Computer Jay – ‘Rotunda Reminisce’
Computer Jay – ‘2600 Ways to Krush’ [Circuit Bent Atari mix]

2562 – ‘Third Wave’ (Tectonic)
Envy – ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ (Stop/Start)

Headz Up: Milosh in Belgrade, Serbia
Muti Music Records in San Francisco
Theorists Ft Raja Wilco & Nibu – ‘Great Scott’ (Muti Music)
Subvert – ‘Speaker Humping’ (Muti Music)
Klone – ‘Can’t Remember What They’ (Muti Music)

Sbtrkt – ‘oneweekover’ (Dubplate)
Darkstar – ‘Videotape’ from the compilation ‘Wild Angels’ (Planet Mu)
Lee Scratch Perry & Horsepower – ‘Exercising’ (On-U-Sound)