DJ Robyn – Heromonkeys promotional mix 09/2009 – dubstep

Here is a nice mix that DJ Robyn made as a promotional mix for Heromonkeys. It starts with chill dubstep tunes and gets harder and harder. I like 🙂
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DJ Robyn – Heromonkeys promotional mix 09/2009 – dubstep [Direct download]

1. Lung. – Afterlife [forthcoming Kokeshi]
02. Data – Leaves [Tempa.]
03. Moderat – Rusty Nails (TRG’s Peaktime Remix) [BPitch Control]
04. Headhunter – Physics Impulse [Tempa.]
05. Saviour – Sound Of Love [Stainage]
06. Benga – Buzzin‘ [Tempa.]
07. Seven – Dark Passenger [Aquatic Lab]
08. Nero – Bad Trip (Rob Sparx Remix) [Audio Phreaks]
09. Twist – Maniac (MelloTheque Remix) [Wicky Lindows]
10. DZ – Coast II Coast [Badman Press]
11. T.O.B. – Thwomp Attack!! [Muti Music]
12. Crookerz feat. Wiley & TJ – Business Man (DZ Remix) [forthcoming Southern Fried]
13. Twisted – Dirt Cluster [Heavy Artillery]
14. 501 – Get Back [Veri Lo]
15. N-Type & The Others – Technophobe [Wheel & Deal]
16. Rico Tubbs – Gangsters (Tes La Rok Remix) [Menu Music]
17. Reso – Busted Crunk [Civil Audio]
18. The Secret Lemon Project – Pips [Dub]
19. Dubtek – Magistrate [Shift]
20. Juno Reactor – Tokyo Dub (Broken Note Remix) [?]
21. Ghosthack – Transcend [Dub]

Robyn – promotional dubstep mix for Heromonkeys crew

Here is the latest dubstep mix from Robyn. It is a promtional mix that he has done for his crew Heromonkeys. Plenty of quality dubstep tunes in this mix.
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Robyn – promotional dubstep mix for Heromonkeys crew

01. Feist – My Moon My Man (DZ Remix) [Dub]
02. Marlow – Tremor [Black Acre]
03. Tes La Rok – Ignition [Argon]
04. X-Zero – Crystalize [20 Twelve]
05. Benny Page – Pan Pipes [Digital Soundboy]
06. Babylon System feat. Candy Vox – Hyphy [Argon]
07. TrillBass – Empties [Dub]
08. Droid Sector – Ruiner [Rottun Digital]
09. Shock One – Adichigahara’s Theme [Viper]
10. Torqux – Relentless [Wicky Lindows]
11. Emalkay – Explicit [Dub Police]
12. Balkansky – Hipnoza [Subtrakt]
13. DZ – Break It Down [Badman Press]
14. The Prodigy – Their Law (Rob Sparx Remix) [White]
15. Reso – Onslaught [Urban Graffiti]
16. Vaski – Resonate [Rottun Digital]
17. Gunjack – LFTD [Dub]
18. Marauder – Dubbed In Vain [Producer Network]

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