Headhunter Dub War Podcast 9 – chill and dubby dubstep

Here is a nice podcast from Dub War. Podcast number 9 is by Headhunter and is pretty dubby in its stile, imho.
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Headhunter Dub War Podcast 9 – chill and dubby dubstep [Hotfile download]

1. Haxan – Demdike Stare – Forthcoming Modern Love
2. Dublicator – Liquid Subsance – Deep In Dub
3. Orphan 101 – Dubplate
4. Pavel & Pinch – Jellybean – Dub
5. DFRNT – Headspace (Scuba Remix)
6. Dissident – Silver Society (Headhunter Remix) – Hot Flush
7. Aligning Minds – Zeke – Forthcoming Transistor
8. Headhunter – Sex At The Prom – Forthcoming Tempa
9. Jack Sparrow – Untitled – Dub
10. Addison Groove – Chasing Dragons – Dub
11. DJ Madd – Someone (Breakage Remix)
12. Rob Sparx – Bloodbath – Forthcoming Z Audio
13. F – See The Light – Forthcoming 7Even
14. DJG – Avoid The Noid (Headhunter Remix)
15. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor Remix)
16. Jack Sparrow – Terminal – Techonic
17. Moderat – A New Error (Headhunter’s Answr Error Rmx) – 50 Weapons
18. Kryptic Minds – Archangel – Dub
19. Headhunter – 3 Mad P’s – Forthcoming Tempa
20. Headhunter & F – Dedale – Forthcoming Transistor
21. Synkro – Angels – Dub
22. Headhunter – Default – Dub
23. Badawi – Lost Highway (Headhunter Remix) – the Index
24. Headhunter – Ginneys – Dub
25. Distance – Twilight – Dub

Recent dubstep mixes on Rinse FM – N Type vs Headhunter, Dusk & Blackdown and Youngsta & Toast

Here is a few recent dubstep mixes from Rinse FM. The first one is a versus mix between N Type and Headhunter, the second one is Dusk & Blackdown playing on the 28th of May and the last one is by Youngsta & Toast from the 28th of May.
Hotfile download up for now, let me know if Rapidshare is needed. Check out other dubstep mixes here and subscribe to the feed to get updated about fresh dubstep mixes.

  • N Type vs Headhunter on June 2nd 2009 Rinse FM [Hotfile download]
  • Dusk & Blackdown on Rinse FM May 28th 2009 [Hotfile download]
  • Youngsta & Toast on Rinse FM May 28th 2009 [Hotfile download]
  • Tracklists:
    Sorry, no tracklists for these dubstep mixes. Please leave a comment if you got some information.

    Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 12 03 Bristol Rise Up Special

    This week on Mary Anne Hobbs she gives a special show with 12 artists from Bristol, UK playing exclusive sets. The artists are Pinch, Joker, Gemmy, Headhunter, Wedge, Komomazmuk, Peverelist, RSD, Jakes, Appleblim, Gatekeeper with Grilza and Forsaken with Ben Blackmore.
    Expect massive doses of different types of dubstep from this Bristol Rise Up special.

    Here is a video Mary Anne Hobbs made in Bristol with interviews of some of the artists and some local people 😉

    Check out my archives for older Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows and subscribe to the feed if you want to check out future shows.

    Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 12 03 Bristol Rise Up Special [Filesonic download]


    Hyetal – ‘We Should Light A Fire’ (Dubplate)

    Pinch mix
    Moving Ninja & Pinch ‘False Flag’ (Dubplate)
    Pinch ‘Attack Of The Giant Robot Spiders’ (Dubplate)
    Pinch ‘Motion Sickness’ (Tempa)
    Pinch ‘Teleportation’ (Edit) (Dubplate)
    Pinch & Pavel Ambiont ‘Poison-Remedy’ (Dubplate)

    Joker mix
    Rsd ‘Trample’ (Joker Mix) (Dub)
    Joker ‘Untitled.Rsn’ (Dub)
    Joker ‘Digidesign’ (Dub)
    Joker ‘There She Go’s’ (Dub)
    Joker ‘Do It!!!’ (Dub)
    Joker & Ginz ‘Purple City’ (Dub) Pimp Style

    Gatekeeper mix
    Gatekeeper – ‘Slow Motion Dub’
    Gatekeeper – ‘Event Horizon’
    Gatekeeper – ‘Ignite Feat. Grilza & Dread Mc’
    Gatekeeper – ‘Which Way’

    Komonazmuk mix
    ‘Music for Mary Anne’ [Exclusive tracks written especially for the show]

    Jakes mix
    Jakes – ‘Part Of Me Part Of You’ (Hench Dub)
    Jakes – ‘Forgotten’ (Hench Dub)
    Jakes – ‘Justice’ (Hench Dub)
    Jakes – ‘Paper V.I.P’ (Hench Dub)
    Jakes – ‘The Mysteronz’ (Hench Dub)

    Appleblim Mix
    Hector – ‘Tension’ Al Tourettes & Appleblim Remix (Forthcoming On Phonica Records)
    Appleblim & Le Ruffiant – ‘Ravenous’ (Unreleased)
    Sideshow Ft. Tikiman – ‘If Alone’ Komonazmuk & Appleblim Remix (Forthcoming On Aus Music)

    Headhunter Mix
    Brendon Moller & The Spaceape – ‘Strangers’ Headhunter Remix (Deep Space Media)
    Aligning Minds – ‘Way Back When’
    Headhunter & Djunya – ‘El Presidente’
    F – ‘Night Drive’
    Headhunter – ‘In Motion’ (Tempa)

    Gemmy mix
    Gemmy – ‘Kodama’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Johnny 5’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Temptations’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Shanti Riddim’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Rusty Tin’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Wata Dwn’ Sound (Dub)

    Peverelist mix
    Hyetal – ‘Pixel Rainbow Sequence’ (Peverelist Mix)
    Peverelist – ‘Bluez’
    Peverelist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’

    RSD Mix
    Henry & Louis – ‘Rise Up’ RSD Mix (Edit) (Forthcoming On 2 Kings)
    RSD Feat. G.Rina – ‘You To Know’ Versatile Mix (Dubplate)
    RSD – ‘Good Energy’ (Dubplate)
    RSD – ‘Naked Mariocart’ (Dubplate)

    Wedge mix
    Wedge And Aesoteric – ‘If Symptoms Persist’
    Wedge – ‘Bequest’
    Wedge And Rasha Shaheen – ‘Backward Puzzle’
    Wedge And Aesoteric – ‘Detachment From Reality’

    Forsaken Mix
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore – ‘Sagrada’
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore – ‘Cross The Border’
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore – ‘Evening Star’
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore – ‘Learn The Hard Way’

    Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 05 07 with Headhunter

    Headhunter is guesting Mary Anne Hobbs this week with a dubstep set. Fave track for me is Sasquach – ‘Hangman’ (Senseless Recordings).

    Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental with Headhunter [Filesonic download]

    Flying Lotus feat Dolly – ‘Roberta Flack’ from the LP ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)
    Subeena – ‘Minor’ (Dubplate)
    Wiley – ‘It’s Too Late’ from the upcoming album ‘Grime Wave’ (Dubplate)
    Darqwan – ‘Universal Wan-Ting’ (Planet Mu)
    Rustie – ‘ZigZag’ (Wireblock)
    Move D – ‘Drone’ (Modern Love)
    Si Begg – ‘Are You A Big Boy DJ’ from ‘Jetlag & Tinnitus 3’ (White label)
    Kidnappa feat. Buju Banton – ‘Champion Dub’ (Dubplate)
    Flying Lotus – ‘Auntie’s Harp’ from the LP ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)
    John Tejada – ‘Feel It’ from the LP ‘Where’ (Palette)

    Headhunter’s Hello World Mix
    Headhunter – ‘Lifeform’ (Dubplate)
    Headhunter – ‘Monochain’ (Dubplate)
    Headhunter – ‘Chemosphere Remix’ (Dubplate)
    Headhunter – ‘Grounded’ (Dubplate)
    Martyn – ‘Vancouver’ (Apple Pips)
    Headhunter – ‘Paradigm Shift’ (Dubplate)
    Komonazmuk – ‘Bad Apple’ (Hench)
    Headhunter – ‘Mint 500’ (Dubplate)
    Headhunter – ‘Your Say’ (Dubplate)
    Shut Up And Dance – ‘Epileptic’ – Martyn’s no strobe mix (Dubplate)
    Headhunter – ‘Royal Flush’ (Dubplate)
    2562 – ‘Resistance Dub’ (Tectonic)
    Headhunter – ‘Prototype’ (Dubplate)
    Tes La Rok – ‘Samurai Code’ (Dubplate)
    Headhunter – ‘Axis’ (Dubplate)

    Double S – ‘From Day’ (True Tiger)
    Sasquach – ‘Hangman’ (Senseless Recordings)
    Dusk – ‘Focus’ (Keysound)
    Flying Lotus – ‘Testament’ feat Gonja Sufi from the LP ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)
    Claro Intelecto – ‘Hunt You Down’ from the ‘Warehouse Sessions Vol 5 EP’ (Modern Love)
    Zero T feat Beta 2 and Steo – ‘Insideman’ from the LP ‘Cheap Shots’ (C.I.A)
    Obeah – ‘Kiss VIP’ (Kraken)
    Brael/Tokyo Bloodworm – ‘Morning Of The World’ from the EP ‘Living Language’ (Moteer)
    Eustachian & The Teknoist – ‘The Spagnumbog’ from the ‘Pillaged & Plundered EP’ (Ad Noiseam)