In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust Twin B 2010-03-08 CJ Beats, DJ Wonder and Illness mixes

Latest In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust hosted by Twin B with CJ Beats, DJ Wonder and Illness mixes.
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In New 1Xtra DJs We Trust Twin B 2010-03-08 CJ Beats, DJ Wonder and Illness mixes [Depositfiles download] [ download]

Wiley – Take That
Natalie May – Sexy Sexy
Donae’o – Watching Her Move (Shy FX remix)
Crazy Nightmare – Don’t
Nu Brand Flexx – An Emergency
Chipmunk – Man Dem
K.I.G.Family – Rollin’ (feat Wiley)
Dirty Danger – Hard Body

Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Cash
Chipmunk feat. NDubz – Lose My Life
Bashy – Your Wish is My Command (C-Mix)
Robin S. – Show Me Love (Geeneus Remix)
Geeneus & Katy B – GoodLife
Bluey Robinson – I Know (Attacca Pesante Remix)
ColdSteps – Be There by the Riverside (C-Mix)
Katy Bond – New Man (Diamond Remix)

Giggs – Don’t Go There (feat B.O.B.)
Low Key – Alphabeat
Devlin – Community Outkast
Scorzayzee – Listen To The Music
Shifty Spirit – Renaissance
Wariko – Gonna Make It Through
Scorcher – Lipsin’ Ting
Doom-Man – Don’t Talk To Me
Kano – Rock ‘n’ Roller
Tribal Magz – Tribal Skank
Versatile – Salute To The Funky (Crazy Cousins mix)

Jai Amore – Masseuse
Chipmunk – A Milli
Double S – A Milli
Chipmunk – Who Are You (remix)
Frisco – Say my Name
Frisco – Skeng Man Mode
Chipmunk – Mohammed Ali
Chipmunk – Man Dem
Terror Danjah – Under the Spotlight
Chipmunk – Say What You Want
Chipmunk – Oopsy Daisy (remix)
Scorcher – I Know (remix)
Wiley – She Likes (remix)

Young Nate – Be The One
McClean – Broken
Katie Pearl – Break Away
Attacca Pesante – I Ain’t Going Nowhere

Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U (Wonder Special)
DJ Narrows – Saved Souls
Stush – Dollar Signs
Agent X – Killahertz
More Fire Crew – Oi
Agent X – Decoy
Musical Mob – From the Ends
Youngstar – Bongo
Donae’o – Bounce (Wonder Special)
DJ Wonder – What
D Double E – Signal
Plastician – Be There or be Square
Riko – Chosen 1
J Sweet – Kerb
SLK – Hype Hype (Wonder remix)
Footsie – Prang Man
Skream ft JME – Tapped (Wonder Special)
Daley – Rainy Day
Estelle – My Life
Nathan – Superwoman
Effie – Into Yello

Semtex – SID: (6a) SFX Smashing glass