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Anarchist DJ – Music For The Needy

7 October, 2018 (09:57) | Electronic music, House | By: Core News

A feast of House Music for your starving ears. If you like this please check out my Social Media Channels:

Anarchist DJ – Techanory

4 August, 2018 (14:20) | Electronic music, House, Tech House | By: Core News

“Once upon a Time in a musical world far, far away, Little Tech Riding Hood met the Big Bad Stem Wolf and musical magic took place. Everyone lived Techy Ever After. You can watch the live version at For my next set like my facebook page at”

Anarchist DJ – Tech Time Stories

29 July, 2018 (18:28) | House, Tech House | By: Core News

Tech so deep you will need specially trained divers to rescue your ears. A blend of Tech House mixed with some classic Old Skool vocals. If you like you can see and hear more at: