Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone 2021-03-07 Meredith Monk

“To celebrate International Women’s Day, Stuart looks back on the avant-garde composer and vocalist’s epic and emotional 1981 album Dolmen Music. The American performer, producer, and all-round unclassifiable artist’s record centres around ritualistic beats and repetitive wordless phonetic sounds that explore the voice’s elasticity, fragility and ability to change. Sounding at once ancient and modern, the strange visceral sounds of Dolmen Music has been described as “folk music for the whole world”.
Elsewhere on the programme, playful and mellow Taiwanese math rock, eerie and foreboding saxophone arrangements and ethereal experimental electronic and pseudoclassical piano mutations. Plus, tracks from Freak Zone’s favourite Nico, Laurel Halo and Laurie Anderson amongst others.”

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