Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone 2021-02-07 Jean-Cohen Solal

“Featuring the sounds of the French jazz flautist’s audacious 1973 genre-bending album Captain Tarthopom. Showcasing Solal’s incredible skills as an arranger and improviser as well as a tremendously expressive flutist, it’s no wonder that he famously said in a 1972 interview, “I express feelings more easily with the flute than with language”. Captain Tarthopom is a meeting between psychedelic and progressive rock sensibility with the potent influence of avant-garde and classical ideas. Along with flute, the album is a jubilant blend of roaring bass, operatic vocals, pulsing organs and triumphant brass sections.
Plus, gorgeous neoclassical ambient scores for dance theatre from A Winged Victory For The Sullen, anthemic experimental rap from London-based duo XVOTO and apocalyptic English folk rock inspired by love and death.”

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