Starkey mix for Big Up Magazine podcast 9

Here is a cool mix from Starkey that he did for the Big Up Magazine podcast. Tons of great dubstep/grime/etc tunes. Check out another great Starkey mix here.

Thanks to sickfile for emailing me about this mix 🙂 If you got any tips for Core News please use the contact form. I’m interested in both your own and other cool mixes that you have found in addition to new releases.
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Starkey mix for Big Up Magazine podcast 9 [Download]

01 – Spiritualized “Ladies & Gentlemen We are Floating in Space” (parlophone)
02 – Shortstuff “Behave” (dub)
03 – Egyptrixx “Hexagon Ya” (dub)
04 – Kaiser “Agent 2.5″ (dub)
05 – Joker “Taste the Rainbow” (dub)
06 – Starkey “Beatingz” (dub)
07 – DNAE Beats “Blood Royale” (dub)
08 – Ikonika “Smuck” (planet mu)
09 – Monkey “Gloomy” (dub)
10 – DZ & SamXL “Cotton Candy” (dub)
11 – Slugabed “Drown It” (dub)
12 – Eskmo “I Dream I’m Flying” (ancestor)
13 – Buddy Leezle “I Left My Heart in Philadelphia (Starkey remix)”
14 – Gemmy “Dolla Digital” (dub)
15 – Mario ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett “Break Up” (jive)
16 – Giorgio Moroder “Leopard Tree Dream” (mca)
17 – Stagga “Juju Science” (dub)
18 – Doshy “Scatter” (dub)
19 – Starkey “Rain City” (dub)
20 – Raffertie “Eyes Closed” (seclusiasis)
21 – Numan “Secrets” (dub)
22 – Starkey “Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix)” (planet mu)
23 – Mark Instinct “Invader” (dub)
24 – Starkey “Prism” (starksound)
25 – Dev79 “From the Get (VIP)” (slit jockey)
26 – Zomby “With Lazers” (dub)
27 – Starkey “Dark Alley” (planet mu)
28 – Stina Nordenstam “Until” (atlantic)

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