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Special Request – Dekmantel Podcast 142 2017-10-02

5 October, 2017 (16:49) | Electronic music | By: Core News

“Paul Woolford’s Special Request alias has developed into so much more than the jungle and breakbeat project it started as. Proof of that comes this month with his Belief System LP, a magnum opus spread across four slabs of vinyl. The first half is a techno trip full of visceral twists and turns scattered with references to his love of pirate radio. The second half is the soundtrack to a fatalist mind movie that is dark and broody. Woolford’s mastery of sound design elevates the whole thing to a new level, and listening to it is as absorbing and complete an experience as you could wish for.

As a DJ with many years experience under his belt, his work in the booth is just as essential. In his Dekmantel Podcast he takes us on an unpredictable roller coaster that veers from sparkly New York disco through to haunted beats, twisted electro and monstrous techno. Spin backs, face melting basslines, rave and punishing drums make it as much a party starting main room mix as a heads down let’s ‘av it marathon. It’s fun, full on and pushes and pulls you in many different directions without ever letting the energy levels dissipate.”

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Special Request - Dekmantel Podcast 142 2017-10-02

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