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Solid Steel Show 2012-08-17 DK and Four Tet

21 August, 2012 (21:43) | MP3, Solid Steel | By: Core News

“DK kicks off this weeks show with Mouth from 1982 on Y records, followed by new music from Reilly Steel, Pearson Sound and Lorn remixed by Mike Slott. Then it’s a trip to Cuba (via Croydon) with Mala and original Latin flavours from Sabu Martinez and Harold Johnson Sextet, before the soulful jazz sounds of Neil Creque. It’s two more gems from the early 80’s with Konk and The Flying Lizards, classic hip hop from Crooklyn Dodgers and a track from the forthcoming Gaslamp Killer album, before closing with the French legend of Library Music, Jack Arel.
The guest mix in hour 2 comes from Four tet (who had his first guest mix on Solid Steel in 2001) and he goes deep into his record collection for a strictly vinyl selection. We don’t have a full track list, but you can see a photo of the album sleeves for every record in the mix. Artists featured include Stanley Clarke, Egberto Gismonti, Don cherry and Solid Steel favourite ‘Nobu’ by Herbie Hancock and we’ll leave you to spot the rest..”
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Solid Steel Show 2012-08-17 DK and Four Tet [ download] [Depositfiles download]

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Solid Steel Show 2012-08-17 DK and Four Tet