Solid Steel Show 2012-05-04 Coldcut, Hot Sugar and Slugabed

“Coldcut return and it’s a mellow start with new music from Australian artist Thrupence, Freddy Todd and Paper Tiger. The atmosphere continues with Portishead, Mr Lefteye and Jean Michel Jarre, but it’s just the clam before the storm as we unleash a torrent of rain influenced tracks from The Techniques, Blockhead, The White Stripes and Ann Peebles, to reflect the current weather situation in a wet UK.

Hour 2 opens with an epic mix from new Ninja signing Hot Sugar. Reworking nearly every track in the mix, we get Mozart meeting Ja rule, Jadakiss and Fat joe, heavy metal from Danzig, Greek legends Aphrodite’s Child and Cheap Trick, plus more hip hop and electronic treats all given the Hot Sugar stamp. We also get a taste of his forthcoming EP ‘Moon Money’ which is out on 14th May on Ninja Tune.
An interview with Slugabed wraps up the show as he discusses his new album Time Team with Jon More from Coldcut. We also hear a few tracks from the album and one of his influential tracks, a classic from Tyrone Brunson”

Solid Steel Show 2012-05-04 Coldcut, Hot Sugar and Slugabed [Rapidgator download]

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