Solid Steel Show 2011-04-15 Memory9 and Daedelus

“This week Memory9 returns with a mix dedicated to the Chinese year of the metal rabbit, full of personal favourites new and old. The first half is a blend of juicy, bassy, glitchy beats, some of them live re-edits done with the Monome 256, while the second half looks back at the dear days when junglists ruled the Earth. The end winds down on an ambient vibe to ease you off the jungle motorway and get you back to regular business in all safety. It’s over to Daedelus for the second hour. We start with his ‘We All Have Magical Properties’ mix which weaves through musical delights from James Pants, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Animal Collective and Untold. This is followed by an interview with the man himself talking about his new album ‘Bespoke’, the LA electronic music scene and his own musical background, plus we hear a few tracks from ‘Bespoke’. An extended version of the interview is available in the latest Ninja Tune podcast.”
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Solid Steel Show 2011-04-15 Memory9 and Daedelus [Filesonic]

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