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Skream and Benga 2013-04-26 Loefah in the studio!

27 April, 2013 (17:42) | Dubstep, Skream and Benga | By: Core News

Yay for Loefah!
“Legend of the scene and DMZ originator Loefah drops into the show and picks a song for The History of Bass in 100 Tracks.
Skream and Benga give out some Garage Shouts (hold tight!) and there are brand new bangers from Awe, Culprit, Trampa, Stenchman and Caspa.
Plus the extended 130@1130 mix has future house classics from Breach, Trend, French Fries and Grum!”
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Skream and Benga 2013-04-26 Loefah in the studio! [ download]

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