Skream and Benga 2012-08-10 Buchan is on the phone

“Reunited after a few weeks apart, Skream and Benga are back in the studio with pocketful’s of exclusives!
Hot young talent Buchan is on the phone to select a track for A History Of Bass In 100 Tracks and to tell the lads what he’s been up to. There are all the usual Garage Shout Outs, 130 @ 11:30 and the final half an hour of no chat, just tunes in the Slammers & Bangers Mix.
Two hours of the very best beats, bass and banter from dubstep dons Skream & Benga.”
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Skream and Benga 2012-08-10 Buchan is on the phone [Depositfiles download] [ download]

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Skream and Benga In New DJs We Trust

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