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Skream and Benga 2012-05-04 Breakage is on the phone

5 May, 2012 (09:01) | Dubstep, MP3, Skream and Benga | By: Core News

“Breakage is on the phone to select an entry into A History of Bass in 100 Tracks and the boys bring loads of dubstep exclusives!!
We ask the listeners for the filthiest bassline of the week in The Rib Rattler and then things get slowed down for ‘130 At 11:30’ when the pair showcase their current favourite house tracks.
There are the usual Garage Shout Outs and for the last half an hour it’s only music and no chat for the Slammers & Bangers mix! Two hours of beats, bass and banter with Skream & Benga!”
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Skream and Benga 2012-05-04 Breakage is on the phone [Depositfiles download] [Rapidgator download]

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