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Resident Advisor podcast #246 by Caribou

14 February, 2011 (11:54) | MP3, Resident Advisor podcasts | By: Core News

Awesome mix from Caribou!!
“I made a lot of new music for this mix—the tracks credited as Daphni. It’s been over a year since I made any music at all so I was eager to get back to making some. The tracks on this mix are just sketches really—rough ideas that allowed for mixing the other tracks together in different ways. The tracks by other artists on this mix are there because I was excited about them when I was working on the mix—having just come home after being away for a long time there was a big pile of 12-inches that I’d bought but hadn’t listened to.”
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Resident Advisor podcast #246 by Caribou [ download]

Resident Advisor podcast #246 by Caribou
Brant – What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It?
Daphni – Yes, I Know
The Jellies – Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
Hounds of Hate – Purple Stuff
Daphni – Deep Blue
Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks – The Route To The Medicine Rocks
Daphni – Buck Dance
Harmonious Thelonious – Verwobene Muziek
Harmonious Thelonious – Mokambo
Bakey Ustl – A Tender Place
Daphni – Scratch
DJ Elmoe – Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man
Daphni – Ye Ye
Kingdom – Fogs
[Voyager overdubs]
Lone – Angel Brain
Ricardo Villalobos – Peculiar
Charanjit Singh – Raga Malkauns
DJ Clap Pina – Unakunukulpan
Thomas Mapfumo – Shumba (Daphni Edit)
Edward Larry Gordon – All Pervading

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Comment from Kenny
Time February 14, 2011 at 2:35 pm


Caribou in the mix….. This I gotta hear! 😀

‘Sun’ was one of my favorite tracks from 2010.

The video to the song is pretty good to:

Comment from Steve W
Time February 21, 2011 at 2:41 pm

That Hounds of Hate track is sick. I want more!