Ras Kwame 2009-12-06 J Da Flex and Wiley

“Dubstep pioneer J Da Flex drops in to the studio for a live Wake Up Mix & Wiley spills the beans for I Am… Wiley. Plus Ras plays some of the hottest new music from the likes of Dynamite MC, The Wideboys & Geeneus!”

Ras Kwame 2009-12-06 J Da Flex and Wiley [Hotfile download]

1.Shystie — Bad Gyal (Ill Blu Remix) – White Label
2. The Wideboys & Majestic MC — In Da VIP (Ras Kwame Special) – White Label
3. The Wideboys — In Da VIP (Boy Better Know Remix) – Big Life
4. Chelley — Took The Night (Footloose Remix) – Ego
5. Geeneus — Gypsy Thing – White Label

6. Hottest Homegrown
1. Rapid — Go – Ruff Sqwad

7. Wiley — Playground Freestyle – White Label
8. Dynamite MC — Butter’s Girl – White Label

9. J Da Flex in the Wake Up Mix
1. J Da Flex — Knucklin – Nu Levels
2. Gappy Ranks — Stinkin Rich (Dubstep Remix) – White Label
3. Mrkl — No 1 – Nu Levels
4. J Da Flex — Morning Shadow – Thriller Funk
5. El-B — Club Music – Ghost
6. Opus — Curious – Nu Levels
7. Zed Bias — Move FWD – Nu Levels
8. Wheezie — Death Mask – Thriller Funk
9. J Da Flex — Hoax – Thriller Funk
10. Oris Jay — White Trash (Remix) – White Label
11. El-B — Greasy – Nu Levels
12. El-B Vs Burial — Unheard (Nu Levels) Exclusive

10. Dynamite MC — On A Dubstep Tip – White Label
11. Wiley Ft Emeli Sande — Never Be Your Woman (Shy FX Remix) – Eski Beat

12. I Am… Wiley
1. Brasstooth — Celebrate Life – East Life
2. Brasstooth — Pleasure – White Label
3. Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan — Especially For You – PWL

13. DJ Zinc & Ms Dynamite — Wile Out – Crack House
14. Cherri — Skool Daze (Swindle Remix) – 6060

15. Nothing But Big Things
1. Zed Bias & Jenna G — Fairplay – White Label
2. Aswad Aswad — Callin’ – Rhythm Riders
3. Dizzee Rascal Dizzee Rascal — Dirtee Cash (Subfocus Remix) – Dirtee Stank
4. Cheryl Cole Ft Will.I.Am — 3 Words (Geeneus Remix) – Polydor
5. Jay Sean Ft Jay Sean & Lil Jon — Do you Remember – Cash Money
6. Sub Focus Sub Focus — Could Be Real – RAM

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4 thoughts on “Ras Kwame 2009-12-06 J Da Flex and Wiley”

    its as if that Fool doesnt understand that he is the mozart of music as a whole [my view] shiz like this doesnt come around very often like say once every 20 years or so :L get to it burial your fans sure could use a fix [heavy dose of tunes]

  2. BTW im wondering just how many unheard tunes UK pirate radios have released of him, you kno lol if our country wasnt so complicated
    and viscious in all aspects as it is [USA]
    im pretty sure the united kindom woulve shared a couple as in spreading knowledge
    GatHering facs from around the web some stations have dropped at leasrt two or 3 unheard/unfinished tunes within 2 weeks
    c’mon people wheres the unity?
    Spread the knowledge
    like i said we can all use a fix
    a fresh landscape drawn out from the
    orchestral genius
    all known as Burial

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