Plastician and D-Bridge live at Forward (FWD) 19/4/09

A couple of days ago I posted a wicked dubstep mix from Skream playing at Forward. Here is 2 mixes by Plastician and D-Bridge recorded the same night.
Uploaded the mp3s to both Hotfile and Rapidshare so you don’t have to wait for 15 mins between each download.
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Plastician live at Forward (FWD) 19/4/09 [Filesonic download]

D-Bridge live at Forward (FWD) 19/4/09 [Hotfile download] [Rapidshare]

Sorry, no tracklists for these sets.

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2 thoughts on “Plastician and D-Bridge live at Forward (FWD) 19/4/09”

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  2. D-Bridge Tracklist:

    1. Consequence – Fog [EXIT]
    2. Abstract Elements – Fourth Dimension [???]
    3. Instra:Mental – ??? [???]
    4. Abstract Elements – Basic Substance [???]
    5. ?
    6. Abstract Elements – Wrong Way [EXIT]
    7. Dan Habarnam – Rendering The Garlic Boy [???]
    8. D-Bridge, Instra:Mental & Burial?
    9. Consequence – Rollin Supreme [???]
    10. Instra:Mental – Watching You [NONPLUS+]

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