Photek – Fireside Chat on RBMA Radio

“Regarded by many as one of the finest electronic music producers of his generation, Rupert Parkes aka Photek enjoyed considerable success throughout the 90s and into the new millennium with his own mutant breed of jungle and drum’n’bass. Much of his early work (under a variety of aliases) proved to be big club favourites, but it wasn’t until 1997 when he released his now-classic debut album ‘Modus Operandi’ that he truly arrived. Three years later his follow-up album ‘Solaris’ surprised many with its Chicago house and techno influences. Further EPs followed, as well as a number of film scores. In recent times he shifted gears once again and emerged with a new sound to share with the world. It’s time to hear from the king of the two swords technique himself… Photek.”

Photek – Fireside Chat on RBMA Radio [Filesonic]

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