Onken – Raggamashdown raggacore / breakcore mix

Lots of nice raggacore/breakcore tunes in this mix. Definitely worth the download!

Download it here.

Cardopusher – 25 Years For Murder
Atarix – Uber-Concrete
Trouble clef – trick me again
Cardopusher – Jamaican Tang
Gromov – We Are Kill From
Krumble – The damned dont cry
?????? – ?????
Cardopusher – Blood Splattered
Retrigger – Kadubra Loco
Monkey steak – Big up yourself
Moz@rt Al Ma
Techno-B Casterated Lion
Atiq & Enk – Tales From The Crypt
Cardopusher – Hard To Stop
Terminal11 – Come Again (Canyon Speed Mix)

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.31 with Modeselektor

Hell yes! This weeks Mary Anne Hobbs features a set from Modeselektor, one of my favorite acts at the moment. Look out for their new album being released in September. I hear that it’s great!

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Mary Anne Hobbs 2007.08.31 with Modeselektor [Uploaded.net download]

Wiley feat. JME- ‘No Qualms’ (Big Dada)
Chris Nobles- ‘Without’ (Sunflower) (LP- The Incidious March)
Cursor Minor- ‘Everybody Want Power’ (Combat) (EP- Data Warfare)
Klute & Calibre- ‘Freedom Come’ (Commercial Suicide) (LP- The Emperor’s New Clothes)
Prefuse 73 feat. John Stainer- ‘Smoking Red’ (Warp) (LP- The Class Of 73 Bells)

The Download
Peanut Butter Bandit- ‘Other Room’ (White)

Tor vs DJ Wonder- ‘Do Get To Know’ (Dubplate)
Gueti- ‘Canson’ (White)
Cadence Weapons- ‘Lisa’s Spider’ (Big Dada) (LP- Breaking Kayfabe)
Headhunter- ‘Sushi Brain’ (Tempa)
Icicle & Switch- ‘Strange Behaviour’ (Osiris Music)
Komonazmuk- ‘Preset W****’ (Mode)

Headline Mix: Modeselektor
Modeselektor Feat. TTC – ‘2000007’ (BPitch Control)
Modeselektor Feat. Ninjaman – ‘Weed Wid Da Macka’ (Modeselektor
Remix) (BPitch Control)
Modeselektor – ‘Godspeed’ (BPitch Control)
Thom Yorke – ‘Skip Divided’ (Modeselektor Remix) (White)
Modeselektor – ‘Black Block’ (BPitch Control)
Poirier Ghislain Feat. Face T. – ‘Blazin” (Modeselektor Remix) (Ninja Tune)

Rusko- ‘2 AND A Q’ (Dubplate)
Guido Sefensieder- ‘s.ecret’ (White)
MC Totally Rad & DJ F***- ‘Burning Dersire’ (Jarring Effects)
Public Enemy- ‘Escapism’ (Slamjamz) (LP- How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul??)
Cobblestone Jazz- ‘Waiting Room’ (K7!/Wagon Repair) (LP- 23 Seconds)
Various Production feat. Emma Pollock- ‘Limbs’ (White)
Si-cut.db- ‘Estury’ (Highpoint Lowlife) (LP- Analogue Architecture)

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Stepkilla – 21 Tune Salute – ragga jungle / drum and bass mix

New ragga jungle/drum and bass/raggacore mix from stepkilla. Lots of unreleased tunes.

stepkilla – 21 tune salute – second room sound
Edit: Updated download link.

1. slaytanic – bong-ra (unreleased)
2. ain’t no love – koda (unreleased)
3. come here – arson (unreleased)
4. bitter as fuck – arson (unreleased)
5. batty bwoy – fff (unreleased)
6. say yeh – aaron spectre + prodigal son (unreleased)
7. look out fi liar – aaron spectre – D$R 12
8. who dem rmx – sixteen armed jack (unreleased)
9. noizecheck rmx – sixteen armed jack (unreleased)
10. limb by limb rmx – sixteen armed jack (unreleased)
11. city is mine – dot com (unreleased)
12. ride till i die – dot com (unreleased)
13. botan rice breaks (aaron spectre rmx) – mochipet (unreleased)
14. fresh water new bowl – 1904 (unreleased)
15. junglist – fff
16. bonafide killer (aaron spectre rmx) – math head – red03
17. alien vs rodigan – aaron spectre (unreleased) – D$R 12
18. soun’clash – tester (unreleased)
19. roll da beats rmx – sixteen armed jack (unreleased)
20. valley of the shadows rmx – sixteen armed jack (unreleased)
21. fade away – thermadore + sixteen armed jack (unreleased)

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.24 with studiomix from Highpoint Lowlife

Mary Anne Hobbs this week features a studiomix from Highpoint Lowlife records.

My favorite track this week is DJ Hidden- ‘Faust Pact’ (Dubplate). So heavy!!

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Mary Anne Hobbs 2007.08.24 with studiomix from Highpoint Lowlife [Uploaded.net download]

Cadence Weapons- ‘Sharks’ (Radio Edit) (Big Dada) (LP- Breaking Kayfabe)
Martin Buttrich- ‘Well Done’ (Headhunter Remix) (Four:Twenty)
C.A.B.L.E- ‘New Infection’ (Innerground)
Wiley- ‘Sorry Sorry Pardon What’ (Big Dada)
Autobee- ‘Grump C***’ (Proboscus) (LP- ‘Vomit’)
Empty Set- ‘Seclusion’ (Future Days)

The Download
Plant- ‘Elektrodub Play’ (White)

Aesop Rock- ‘Harbour Is Yours’ (Definitive Jux) (LP- None Shall Pass)
The Sub Division- ‘The Devil’s Kiss’ (Dubplate)
Mz Bratt feat. Skepta- ‘Word On The Road’ (Aftershock)
False- ‘Disease/George Washington’ (M-Nus) (LP- ‘2007’)

Headline Mix: Highpoint Lowlife
Erstlaub – ‘On Becoming an Island’ (Excerpt)
Fisk Industries – ‘Gangu’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
Mandelbrot – ‘Twilight /Delat pt.2’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
Telefonica – ‘Tape Noise’ ( Marshall Watson remix) (Highpoint Lowlife)
Friends Of The Jitney – ‘Good Mourning’ ( Leafcutter John remix) (Highpoint Lowlife)
Tigrics – ‘Dalston Kingsland Bonus Chicken’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
The Village Orchestra – ‘The White Visitation’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
Fisk Industries – ‘Crowley’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls – ‘Qoelet’ (Highpoint Lowlife)
Izu – ‘Twinge’ (Highpoint Lowlife)

Ricardo Villalobos- ‘What’s Wrong My Friend?’ (Perlon) (12″)
DJ Distance- ‘Feel Me’ (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus- ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ (Warp)
DJ Hidden- ‘Faust Pact’ (Dubplate)
Helios- ‘In Heaven’ (Type) (LP- Ayres)
Shackleton- ‘New Dawn’ (Skull Disco) (LP- Soundboy Punishments)
KIT feat. Leonore- ‘Get Your Kit On’ (Too-B 07/07 Remix) (White)

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Boxcutter – Glyphic and Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! – 2 new albums on Planet Mu

Mike Paradinas announced yesterday that Planet Mu is releasing 2 new albums from Boxcutter and Frog Pocket. I have listened to the samples and they sound very good!

Boxcutters album is entitled Glyphic and is due out on CD and vinyl October 29th. Check out samples from Glyphic here.

Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! is out on CD September 24th and you can listen to samples here.
The artwork on Frog Pockets album is one of the best I have seen lately.

Chris Moss Acid – The Warriors Acid EP another free release from Wrong Music

Get your acid fix with this EP from Chris Moss Acid, released by Wrong Music. It’s inspired by the great movie The Warriors. Man I loved that movie back in the days.
Chris Moss Acid – The Warriors Acid EP

Chris Moss Acid - The Warriors Acid EP

Press release:
“Three 4 to the floor 303 slammer’s from the Bournouth music making macine (and tips guru) Chris Moss, An Thumping ep Inspired by the 1979 New York Gang movie clasic The Warriors.”

1. Intro
2. The Lizzies
3. Baseball Furie
4. The Orphens

Duran Duran Duran – The Aktionist EP – new release out on Hirntrust Grindmedia

The hardworking Duran Duran Duran is out with a new one sided 7″ called The Aktionist on Hirntrust Grindmedia.

Duran Duran Duran - The Aktionist EP

Download a mp3 preview and buy it here.

Press release:
“Kick ass gabber breaks massacre, on this limited colored (various colors) 7inch, written
and produced by philadelphia’s
own DURAN DURAN DURAN and dedicated to
the viennese aktionist OTTO MUEHL. Cover art
by William Flegal/STUNT ROCK. Art based
on the work ‘Silberarsch’ by Otto Muehl.”

Dubstep set from Joe Nice at Lava Lounge 2007.08.03 in Chicago

A nice live dubstep set from Joe Nice playing at Lava Lounge in Chicago. Sounds like they had a real good time.

Clouds is one of my favorite artists at the moment. So sweet! The tunes on Clouds myspace needs pressing!

The download

Masters at Work – The Ha Dance
2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog – Do Doo Brown
Caspa – Noise Disorganizer
Jakes – 3Kout
Digital Mystikz – Maintain Thru Madness
Kromestar – Path of Jah
Clouds – Cloud Lion
Skream – 2D
LD – Swing That Skirt
Hatcha & Ironsoul – Bad Pass
Skream – Lightning Dub VIP
Plasticman – Mammoth Remix
Clouds – Shallow
Distance – THE V
Random Trio (Cyrus) – White Sands
JuJu – Punks VIP
Skream – Oskillatah
Cluekid – The Legacy
Digital Mystikz – City Cycle
Random Trio (Cyrus) – Influenced
Digital Mystikz – DMZ vs MZN
Rusko – Japseye
Digital Mystikz – Jah Power Dub
Skream – It’s Not Over
Caspa – Way of The Dub Remix
Mark Omen – VIP Business
Digital Mystikz – Shake Out Your Demons

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.17 Tempa / FWD special with live mix from Youngsta

Dubstep special with Benga, Benny Ill, Headhunter, Sarah Soulja, Appleblim, Skream, N Type and Blackdown in the studio. Live set from Youngsta to top it off.

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Mary Anne Hobbs 2007.08.17 Tempa / FWD special with live mix from Youngsta [Uploaded.net download]

Rakim- ‘I Got Soul’ (Brothomstates Mix) (Arcola)
Mr 76ix- ‘Other’ (Acid Reflux Mix) (MAR)
False- ‘Forgetting’ (M_nus)
Pendle Covern- ‘Habitual Stress’ (Modern Love)
Ben Sharpa- ‘Into The Black’ (Pioneer Unit) (LP- Planetary Assault)
Matthew Rozeik- ‘March Of The Snowmen’ (100m Records)

TEMPA/FWD’s Studio Dance
Headhunter- ‘Sushi Brain’ (Tempa Dubplate)
Benga & Coki- ‘Night’ (Tempa)
Horsepower- ‘Gorgon Sound’ (Tempa)
Horsepower- ‘Crazy Into’ (Tempa)

Youngsta Headline Mix
Asbo Productions- ‘Asbo 1’ (Dubplate)
Skream- ‘Shake It’ (Dubplate)
Benga- ‘Skunk Tip’ (Skream Remix) (Dubplate)
Headhunter- ‘Drop The Waste’ (Tempa)
Benga- ‘Empty’ (Tempa)
DI- ‘Instep’ (Tempa)
Skream- ‘Here’s A Sign’ (Tempa)
Benga- ’26 Basslines’ (Tempa)

Benga- ‘Pleasure’ (Tempa Dubplate)
Headhunter- ‘Locus Lotus’ (Tempa)
High Planes Drifter vs Goldspot- ‘Sholay’ (Epic Mix) (Tempa)

Untold- ‘Test Signal’ (Dubplate)
The Marcia Blane School For Girls- ‘Faulty Perceptual Apparatus’ (Highpoint Lowlife) (LP- Analogue For Architecture Compilation)
Prefuse 73 feat. John Stainer- ‘Smoking Red’ (Warp)
Pangea- ‘Coiled’ (Hessle Audio)

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No Time To Waste compilation seeking breakcore artists

WSicko over at www.breakcore.nl is looking for artists contributing on a free online release. The “catch” is that you have to make the breakcore tune very short. Between 20 and 30 seconds to be exact.

A good deal of artists are already in:
404 Error, Akira, Apzolut, AvoidAudio, Batuta, Combat Cunt, D.A. Tist, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, DJ YSL, Dysphemic, Ed Cox, Etruscan, FFF, Jason Forrest, Holy Crap, Intergalactik Purifier, Kamarat Tord, Libythth, Maladroit, Mighty, Onken, Plieuw, Producer Snafu, Retrigger, Silent Victory, Solypsis, Sons Of The Special, Sybase, System 404, Tex-nd, The Untitled and WSicko.

Want your name on the list? Head over to www.breakcore.nl.

Another new free net release from Wrong Music – Nailbomb Cults – Nailbomb Tea Party Mixtape

The Wrong Crew are busy releasing new stuff. Kudos to them for keeping our ears busy!!

Their 8th release is a breakcore/gabba mixtape from Nailbomb Cults (Nailbomb Cults on myspace). Lots of bangers on this mixtape.

The download

Nailbomb Cults - Nailbomb Tea Party Mixtape

1. Warst – Mutha Fuckin Noize Show (Cock Rock Disco – White Cock 02)
2. LFO Demon – Skinhead Broke my Telephone (sprengstoff 02)
3. Dr Bastardo – Murder Rave (Proboscus Records Free MP3 Comp)
4. Helix – Toxic (Marionette Records sampler)
5. Nailbomb Cults – Mutant Brain Resource (mp3)
6. Johnny Violent – I’m Gonna Fuck You (Earache MOSH 153 CD)
6b. Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away
7. Hellfish & Producer – Toilet Wars (Deathchant 39)
8. Knifehandchop – Deinze-Gent Trainwreck (Death$ucker D$R 14.0)
9. Skee-lo – I Wish
10. Noisekick – Still Alive (TNI-Limited 002)
11. Aaron Spectre – Look out Fi Liar (Deathsucker D$R 12.0)
12. Wendy Milan – Gabberdisco (Shockwave SH-8882)
13. Wisp – Green Hill Path (Terminal Dusk TD001)
14. Noize Creator – Dying World (Suburban Trash STI019)
15. Strog – Fucked Up Limberity (Anal Terror ep – RBZH01)
16. Terrorhate – Megahead (Marionette Records Sampler)
17. H-Rock – Crunkcore Anthem (Teen Suicide – TEEN01)
17b. Cypress Hill – We Aint Going Out Like That
18. DJ Floorclearer – Strange the Giant Elephant (Death$ucker D$R 16.0)
18b. DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Land (Adaadat – ADA0007/CD)
19. Passenger of Shit – Wank My Farting Fanny Vomit (Shitwank MP3)
20. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – Time to Call in the Carpet Cleaning Professionals (Cock Rock Disco – Crock012)

Check out this post if you missed the seven first releases from Wrong Music.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.08.10 with Ade Fenton and KTL

The Mary Anne Hobbs show this week is called “Xperimental Xtremes” with more experimental sounds than usual. Guest sets from Ade Fenton and KTL.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – with Ade Fenton and KTL [Uploaded.net download]

Vorpal- ‘Cartoon Violence For Camille Saint-Saens’ (Sublight) (LP- Digressions)
Gazormass- ‘Todial Chamber Tu’ (WWilko) (LP- F***FranceGermany)
Jakes- ‘3Kout’ (Dubplate)
Rusko- ‘2 Far’ (Dubplate)
Jega- ‘Aerodynamic’ (White)
Aphex Twin- ‘Lornaderek’ (Warp) (LP- Drukqs)
0=0- ‘Xtata VIP’ (White)
Superimposer- ‘Catalyst’ (Extended Version) (Dubious Audio) (LP- Thought Fungus)
Bob Humid- ‘It’s Warm Besides The Submarine Cables’ (Suburban Trash) (LP- Second Wind Phenomenon)
MiJim- ‘Eiphon Skank’ (Dubplate)
Earzumba- ‘Patita Ronosa’ (Dial SinFin) (LP- Hermsos Movimiento & Florence Escondido)
Murcof- ‘Cosmos I’ (Leaf) (LP- Cosmos)
False- ‘Disease/George Washington’ (M_nus)

**Ade Fenton’s Future Industrial Mix**

MC Totally Rad & DJ F***- ‘Burning Desire’ (Jarring Effects) (LP- Jfx 1 Digital Antithests)
Fantomas- ‘Night Of The Hunter (by Walter Schumann)’ (Ipecac) (LP- The Director’s Cut)
Moving Ninja- ‘Uranium’ (Tectonic)
John Tchicai- ‘Lullaby’ (Treader) (LP- John Tchicai with Strings)

**KTL Live In Session**

Mica & The Cluster Collective- ‘Clean Dirty Mic’ (Dubplate)
Seaming- ‘Vertigo Billy’ (White)
Xela- ‘Masculine Guilt’ (Rite) (LP- Electronic Music)
Ricardo Villalobos- ‘What’s Wrong My Friend’ (Perlon)
Toothgrinder- ‘Animosity’ (Drumcorps Mix) (White)

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Seven new free mp3 releases from Wrong Music

The Wrong Music site just got a new design that looks much better than the old.
They have also started a new net label called Wrong Lab and the first seven releases are already out. The releases are by Popadom Pavlova, Bunglegushcore, Ladyscraper, Ebola, DJ Cheesemaster, Political Necroshemalebob and Roger Species.

I haven’t had the time to listen to them all so can’t vouch for the quality, but I have been digging Wrong Music releases before. These releases seem to be the same kind of crazy breakcore, mashup, experimental business.

The downloads:

Ebola – Workshop of Filthy Creation
Roger Species – Play This Film Loud
Political Necroshemalebob – 8 Bit Politics
DJ Cheesemaster Tribute to NND
Bunglegushcore – Circus Circus
Ladyscraper – Blood and Semen
Popadom Pavlova – Don’t Get Ajax Rage

New dubstep mix from Forensics – Darkmatter Vol 3

Another sweet dubstep mix from Forensics.

The download

1 Dreaming (Intro)
2 Ikonika – This is war & this is my weapon
3 D-Nile – Only Love
4 abZ – Venture
5 Preponderance – The Perfect S
6 Preponderance – Barrow Iron
7 Preponderance – Don’t say no
8 Kazuo – Spread (Guano’s I can’t
believe she’s not butters edit)
9 Guano – Batman Forward, Batman Pull Up
10 DZ Bayswate – Bayswate
11 DZ Bayswate – Elektrik Avenue
12 DZ – Dust the Dance
13 DZ – Dubble
14 DZ – Mr Wiggles
15 Threnody – Don’t give a shit
16 Crooked One – Severe Trauma
17 Blackmass Plastics – Specifics (Syndicate mix)
18 Blackmass Plastics – On the Edge