New mix from Hanuman – Crafty Butcher Mix

I really love the mixes from Hanuman. The mixes always have such a nice selection of different types of electronic music and folk music! A winner combination in my book.

Check out the latest mix here:

Ahmed Mneimneh — Aini Bet Ref (Rough Guide)
Toddla T feat Serocee — Inna Di Dancehall (1965)
Hanuman — Crafty Butcher Riddim (Unreleased)
Mahala Rai Banda — Iest Sexy (crammed)
Boikutt and Stormtrap feat. Lethal Skills — Qararat (Unreleased)
Gwen Stefani — Hollaback Girl (Instrumental)
Doormouse — Chamura Noise Loop (Distort)
Mercan Dede — Walking on the Red Sea (Dreams of the Sufi Saints) (Golden Horn)
Shackleton — I Want to Eat You (Mordant Music)
Hanuman & Ed Mowat — Welcome to Jonestown (Unreleased)
Municiple — Possessed (Unreleased)
Burial — Unite (Soul Jazz)
Os Tchtutchcos — Chapa Quente (Essay)
Mala — Left Leg Out (DMZ)
Frederic Galliano feat Tony Amado, Pinta Tirru, Zoca Zoca and Gata Aggresiva — Mwana Tchoa (Frikyiwa)
Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal — Beeper (Counterfeet)
Boban Markoviæ Orkestar — Od Srca (soulstar)
Lady Fury — Too Much Drugs (Ghislain Poirier Remix) (Chocolate Industries)
Monkey Steak — Ratatosk’s Tree Riddim (Unreleased)
Dizzee Rascal — Flex (XL)
Zed Bias feat. Juiceman and Nicky — Time Out (Locked On)
Clipse Feat Pharell — Me Too (Zomba)
DJ C — Gone a Jail (Version) (Shockout)
Balkan Beat Box — Gypsy Queens (Crammed)
Atki2 & Spragga Benz — Medium Rare (Unreleased)
Remarc — Bad Bwoy (Planet Mu)
Anthony Johnson — Gunshot (Midnight Rock)
Nihil Fist — Think and Destroy B1 (Praxis)
Skream — Sub Island (Soul Jazz)
Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor — Vamvakaris (Edit) (Unsound)
Rusko — Hornz Cru (Dub Police)
Shackleton — Hamas Rule (Skull Disco)
Mr Gasparov — Lost in Communication (Unreleased)
D.I.M — Airbus Baby (Turbo)
Skepta feat Wiley, JME, Bearman, Jammer, Trim, Footsie — Duppy (Boy Better Know)

Kode 9 dubstep mix set on Sonar Festival

Wow! This set is awesome!! I have been listening to it 6 times today and can’t get enough.

Here is a 320kbps version of it for you.
Listen to it loud!!!

Kode 9 at Sonar Festival 2007 [Filesonic download]

1. LV + Errol Bellott – Globetrotting (Hyperdub)
2. Peverelist – The Grind (Punchdrunk)
3. Massive Music – Find My Way (Kode9 Remix) (Hyperdub)
4. King Midas Sound – Cool Out (Hyperdub)
5. Digital Mystikz – Blue Notes (DMZ)
6. The Bug feat. Flow Dan – Jah War (Loefah Remix) (Ninja Tune)
7. Kode9 – 9 Samurai (Hyperdub)
8. Dabrye feat. Doom – Air (Kode9 Remix) (Ghostly Int.)
9. Kode9 – Stung (dubplate)
10. Digital Mystikz – Lean Forward (dubplate)
11. Burial – Stairwell (Hyperdub)
12. Cluekid & Cotti – Sensi Dub VIP (Minus 30 Records)
13. Benga – Electro Music (Tempa)
14. Kode9 & Warrior Queen – Fuck You (dubplate)
15. Kode9 – Magnetic City (Soul Jazz)
16. 2562 – Channel One (dubplate)
17. Junior boys – Double Shadow (Kode9 Remix feat. The Spaceape) (Domino)
18. Shackleton- You Bring Me Down (Skull Disco)
19. Skream – 2D (Tempa)
20. Digital Mystikz – Bury the Boy (DMZ)
21. Skream – Bit Stream (Tempa)
22. Skream – Losin’ Control (Tempa)
23. The Bug & Warrior Queen – Poison Dart (Ninja Tune)
24. Kode9 – Konfusion (dubplate)
25. D1 – Quantum Jazz (Tempa)

New ragga jungle/raggacore mix from Deadlorc aka Lorcscyric

Love the selection of tunes in the mixes from Dealorc/Lorcsyric or whatever he is calling himself. No letdown in this new mix.

Deadlorc aka Lorcscyric – Rasta Lichking part 5
01. d.i.s. _ babylon bun
02. nsf _ nuff nurse
03. d.i.s. _ fattie fatti
04. enduser _ apocalypse
05. prodigal son _ gwaan farmer
06. drunken monkeyz _ jambelahjah
07. nsf _ them belly full (remix)
08. general malice & prodigal son _ original nuttah (VIP remix)
09. >>> enduser _ reset
10. d.t.a. & danger joe _ noe drugs (remix)
11. the artbreaker _ vampyrrhik
12. d.t.a. _ anschlag auf den guten geschmack
13. somtek _ caliban & krusha (mashup)
14. fff _ nun inna dat
15. the artbreaker _ innaglaktik spazekryst
16. undead monkey _ fluffy rave
17. somtek _ hardcore generation (mashup)
18. the panacea _ love me (remix)
19. prodigal son _ heads high 2006
20. >>> blue 3 _ rattleshit (amen version)
21. d.t.a. _ final anhilation
22. prodigal son _ go home soundboy
22. d.i.s. & the end _ top sound killer
23. nsf _ bigtime! VIP
24. d.i.s. _ grind
25. cardopusher _ caffeine rich kola nut
26. fff _ babylon bwoy
27. the artbreaker _ watch dis ride
28. dr.combat _ evil darkness

Check him out on myspace as lorcscyric and as deadlorc.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.22 at Sonar Festival

Core News bringing you the latest Mary Anne Hobbs show. This time she is presenting to us live sets from the Sonar Festival and some talking from artists in between.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.22 at Sonar Festival [ download]


Oris Jay vs Elemental- ‘Formation’ (Sonar VIP mix)

Sonar Speech: Richie Hawtin

Sonar Set One: Benji B + Steve Spacek (UK)

Sonar Speech: Beastie Boys

Sonar Set Two: Nettle (UK)

Sonar Speech: Matthew Dear

Sonar Set Three: Claro Intelecto (UK)

Sonar Speech: Modeselektor

Sonar Set Four: FM3 plays The Buddha Machine (CH)

Sonar Speech: JPLS + Gaiser (M_nus)
Sonar Speech: Jeff Mills

Sonar Set Five: Oris Jay (UK)

Sonar Speech: Beastie Boys

Sonar Set Six: Kode 9 + The Spaceape (UK)

Sonar Speech: Skream & Oris Jay

Sonar Set Seven: Skream (UK)

Sonar Speech: Modeselektor

Sonar Set Eight: White (CH)

Sonar Speech: Richie Hawtin

Sonar Set Nine: KTL (US)

Support the show by listening to the stream on their site!

New release from Sprengstoff Records – this time a dubstep 12 inch

Seems like every label out there is releasing dubstep. This time Sprengstoff Records is releasing a 12″ from Innasekt.

[sprengstoff#14] INNASEKT

Mp3 snippets:
A: Structure (6.21)
B: Core (4.53)

“Innasekt create their own unique definition of dubstep orientated beats. The two tracks on their debut 12inch on Sprengstoff Recordings show that they favour complex arrangements with dense atmospheres. Innasekt manage to produce hybrid structures combining conflicting elements: the heat of heavy sub basses and the icy coldness of dusky rooms. This record explores the dark side of the dub reaching unknown dimensions. ”

You can buy the record at Smash-Berlin for 7,5 euro.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.15 Sonar Special

Core News is bringing you this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs Sonar Special radio show. My favorite track this week is dgoHn – ‘Elle’ (Subtle Audio).
Check out my archives for other Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows and subscribe to the feed if you want to check out future shows.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.15 Sonar Special [ download]

“This week a Sonar Preview show with sets from Bus (rec. 2006) and Subtle (rec. 2005), plus tracks from artists at Sonar this year including Richie Hawtin, JPLS, Kode 9, Dizzee Rascal, Chateau Flight & Matthew Dear.”

Beastie Boys- Jimmy James – (Parlophone)
Matthew Dear- Will Gravity Win Tonight – (Ghostly International)
Komanazmuk vs White Boi- Dead Man’s Chest’ (Dubplate)
Curtis Lynch Jr feat JD- Mad Dread – (Necessary Mayhem)
Funk Ethics ‘The Blues Is Now’ (Dubplate)

The Download
Lethal B- Jump – (White)

Chateau Flight – ‘Superflight’ – (Innervisions)

Subtle: Recorded Live at Sonar 2005

Kode 9 – Nine – (LP ‘Memories Of The Future’) (Hyperdub)
Ekaj – ‘Kjah’ (Dubplate)
Dizzie Rascal – ‘Old Skool’ (LP- ‘Maths & English’) (XL)
Plastikman – ‘Mind in Rewind’ (Novamute)
JPLS – ‘Twilite’ (M-Nus)
dgoHn – ‘Elle’ (Subtle Audio)
Deep Chord presents Echospace – ‘Elysian’ (Modern Love)
Mark Pritchard feat Spacek – ‘Turn It On’ (Sonar Collectiv)
Mica & The Cluster Collective – ‘Refine’ (Accidental)

Bus: Recorded Live at Sonar 2006

Ilx – ‘Xhoust Fumes 320’ (Dubplate)
Burbuja – ‘Senseless’ (Station 55)
Beastie Boys ‘Electric Worm’ (Parlophone)
Forensix – ‘Stockholm’ (Dubplate)

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New free mp3 release from Vorpal on Cock Rock Disco

The Cock Rock Disco guys (it felt a little weird writing that) have been kind to us again.
Vorpal is releasing an album called “The End” on CRD with lots of quality music including remixes from Cardopusher, Mothboy and mr Cock Rock Disco himself Jason Forrest.

After giving it a couple of listens I believe this is Vorpals best work till now.

Press release:
“We’re proud to announce a new 100% free Mp3 album by Vorpal called “The End”. Containing 53.3 minutes of brand new music and 3 remixes by Mothboy, Cardopusher, and Jason Forrest; it’s more of a celebration than just a release. You’ll find Vorpal growing within his unique style, his beat more funky and harder hitting, his production more crisp, his beats fatter and the sense of cinematic drama heightened. Of course it includes a printable cover and some nice liner notes to get the dirt of where he’s coming from. Please tell your friends and spread it as widely as possible. We believe in free music and know that you do too!”

0. the end
1. the self-deploying flower entity decomposes into quietude
2. a truncated
3. further ruminations on a theme from the first track of my last album
4. emotional subsistence
5. some sort of travel theme
6. gymnop̩die remix remix РMothboy
7. autechnicolorschranz remix – Jason Forrest
8. crash up against the inevitable – Tatu on the Sun Cardopusher remix

The download.

Live set from Kamerat Tord live at Oslo Break Fest

Seems like this is the day for Norwegian artists. This time we have a live set for you from a guy called Kamerat Tord. I would call his music breakcore with a touch of raggacore or something like that. Doesn’t matter what kind of genre it is because it is really good music!
He will probably release a CD later this year on Fuck Subtle Recordings.


01: Intro – Larvae
02: Frollic
03: Loona
04: Maus
05: Glory Hole
06: Kix
07: Rockas
08: The Fish Gate
09: Gjøm Ongan
10: Buju Man Juice

He was playing at Oslo Break Fest with Fanny, Xanopticon, Vanny, Babyshaker and Xentrick.

If the above download link doesn’t work try this one from rapidshare.

Kamerat Tord live at Oslo Break Fest

Peace Off have opened a free download section

First free release from Peace Off is by a Polish called Dj Trippmatic with a mix called “Break Beathoven Got Heroin”. Very sweet mix for those of us who likes hard breakcore!

The download (zip file)


Very impressive tracklist with lots of bangers:
1. Aaron Spectre – Alien vs. Rodigan
2. Math Head – Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix)
3. Krumble – Gazoline Serious Blast
4. Rotator – Get So ExXxcited
5. Electric Kettle – Dogmind Ball
6. Krumble – Usual Terror
7. Dr. Bastardo – Punished
8. Dr. Bastardo – Cease And Desist
9. Dr. Bastardo – Rungleclaart
10. Dr. Bastardo – Murderation Warrior Sound
11. Repeater – Collision Repair Specialist
12. Venetian Snares – Hand Throw
13. Cardopusher – In The Power Of XTC
14. Maladroit – Beware Of The D.E.R.O.S
15. Ronin – Pissing On The Gates Of Hell
16. Maladroit – Thieves (Remix)
17. Kos + Raw & Uncut – Babilon Life

New promo mix and release from Psychofreud

The Norwegian ragga jungle/drum&bass artist Psychofreud is out with a new release and promo mix.

Psychofreud promo mix
00:00 – Robert Levy “Kill any sound” dubplate
00:41 – Duckman “Who dem bwoy” dubplate
01:17 – Shott Dawg “Kingpin” dubplate
02:15 – John Holt “Kill them” dubplate
04:14 – PsychoFreud “Murda Charge”
08:51 – PsychoFreud “Come Around”
13:07 – PsychoFreud “Conqueror”
17:34 – Prime Mover & Chuck B “We’re Survivors” PsychoFreud Remix [Bass Rejects #4]
22:27 – PsychoFreud “Warrior” [Knowledge & Wisdom]
29:27 – PsychoFreud “Follow Me”
34:31 – PsychoFreud “Rush Dem”
39:29 – PsychoFreud “Mary”
43:45 – Murry Man “Stupid Soundbwoy” dubplate

He is also out with a new release on his own label Bass Rejects. This time together with Jacky Murda of Chopstick Dubplate.
bass rejects

Side A : Jacky Murda – “Murderer” (mp3 preview)
Side B : PsychoFreud remix (mp3 preview)

You can buy it over on Nu Urban Music.

Drum and Bass mix from Mumblz

Don’t know much about this guy Mumblz, but seems like he have released stuff on Evol Intent so that is a quality sign.

Here is a new mix from him done for a radio show called Twisted Frequency.

ewun-screw up vip (mumblz intro vip)
demo-ready for war
arsenic-hollowpoint (axis & trank rmx)
mumblz-darkside of hell
dom and gridlok-londons burning
nocturnal and vicious circle-welcome to shanktown
moving fusion-the beginning(keaton & hive rmx)
eye d & counterstrike-the grind
mumblz & switch technique- killer headache
mumblz & switch tech-promise to kill
bse-cooler (audio rmx)
eye-d – untitled
evol intent-ewun-vc – odd number
mumblz & switch tech – gunz
Lethal & Khan-Fuck You tease
evol intent-street knowledge
~hiphop drop~
paperclip-refraction(mumblz&fixation rmx)
evol intent-corrupt cops vip
~last tune~ mumz-emp x and cenobites-undergrounds our style

Sorry if there are some errors in the tracklist!

2 new dubstep mixes from Forensics

Some fresh dubstep love from Forensics.

Forensics – July 2007 MIX

1 Code Tripper – Deserted Cities
2 Code Tripper – Holdback
3 Code Tripper – ydE
4 Ekaros – Thru your dreams
5 Ekaros – Eden
6 Ekaros – Above the mountains
7 Nine Inch Nails – The hand that feeds (Dreadless remix)
8 The Sub Division – Apocalypto
9 The Sub Division – Just Can’t Fight
10 Forensics – Vanishing Point (remaster)
11 Two Oh One – Ghost Train (Wet Wednesday mix)
12 Rogue State – Bounce Step
13 Rogue State – Sawing Eagle
14 Rogue State – Back then
15 The Bug ft. Flowdan – Jah War
outro: Cutty Ranks, from Hand Grenade

Running time: 40 Minutes


Forensics – Breaks FM set #3

1 The Lexxus – Calicfied
2 Forsaken ft. Benj – Window Seat
3 Forensics – Middle Distance (remaster)
4 Forensics – Subliminal (early demo)
5 Sully – Cadillac
6 Sully – Undivided
7 Macabre Unit – Beautiful
8 23hz & Numaestro – Al Andalus
9 23hz & Numaestro – Citadel
10 23hz & Numaestro – Submarino
11 Ruckspin & Quark – Sunshine
12 Zomby – Sunshine 2
13 Zomby – Sunshine 3
14 Threnody – On your ends
15 Burial – Versus
16 Innasekt – Cluster
17 Skrewface – Inna di judgement
18 Slazenger – Eightball
19 D1 – Greazy
20 D1 – Foundation
21 D1 – Quantum Jazz
22 D1 – Malfunction
23 D1 – Trial Run
24 D1 – Mind and Soul

Running time: 60 Minutes


Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.08 with Octave One

Core News is bringing you this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs radio show with live recording of Octave One.
Check out my archives for other Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows and subscribe to the feed if you want to check out future shows.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.08 with Octave One [ download]

“Octave One recorded live at Detroit’s Movement festival headline the mix this week, plus live tracks come from 1Xtra’s Takeover in Nottingham. Watch out for big beats from Cylob, Emalkay & Stephan Bodzin and a chance to join us at Sonar!”

Ben Sharpa- Into The Black [Remix] (Pioneer Unit Dubplate)
Emalkay- The Rogue (Boka Dubplate)
Puzzleweasel- Fst-fuk-ledr-sofa (LP- Exo-Grid) (Sublight)
Wiley- Bow E3 (LP- Playtime Is Over) (Big Dada)

The Download
Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass (Def Jux)

Mindspan- Co Axial (Dubplate)
Booty Cologne Feat. Mapei- Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya [Milanese Mix] (White Label)

Live from 1Xtra’s Takeover, Nottingham
Young Kof- Revolution (Live)
Shameless- Everyday (Live)

Darqwan- M/a..ximum Reespek (Planet Mu)
Super Flu- Tripple Mapple (Traum Schallplatten)

Octave One Live from Detroits Movement Festival

Dizzee Rascal- Old Skool (XL)
Cylob- Rock The Trojan Fader (White Label)

Live from 1Xtra’s Takeover, Nottingham
Sway- Move Back (Live)
Lethal B- Bizzle (Live)

Stephan Bodzin- ‘Mondfahrt (LP- Leibe Ist) (Herzblut Recordings)
D.D.S.- Silent Hill Dub (Dubplate)
Al Haca Feat. RQM & Oliver Gumball- Citrus (Traktor)

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.01 with Jahtari

Guest this time is the label Jahtari with a “Digital Laptop Reggae” live set.
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007.06.01 with Jahtari [ download

Burial – Stairwell – (Demo)

Flying Lotus ft J Dilla & Phat Kat – Game Over – (White)
Magnetic Man – Ligma – (Dubplate)
Cdatakill – No Brakes – [Detritus remix] (Ad Noisium)
The Bug & Flowdan – Jah War – [Loefah mix] (Ninja)

The Download
Local – They Are Local – (Betulla)

Intex Systems – Destroy – (Hot Flush)
Runzelstrin & Gurgelstock – Meatpump666 – (RecordLabelRecords)
LV + Errol Bellott – ‘Globetrotting’ (Hyperdub)
The Peverelist – The Grind – (Punchdrunk)
MED – Rhymes With An L – from – Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children Vol 2 – (Stones Throw)
Iridite Productions ft Jason Brunton – GA – (Iridite Productions)
Cyrus [Random Trio] – Bounty – (Tectonic)

Jahtari Live Digital Laptop Reggae Set
Tracklisting to follow…

Laurie Anderson – O Superman – (Nonesuch)
2562 – – Channel 2 – (Tectonic)
Ramadanman – The Woon – (2nd Drop)
Nate Mars – Higher To The Bass – (Dubplate)
Our Sleepless Forest – Nomads – (Type)
Project Horsed – The Wind Beneath My Feet – (Demo)

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New release from Sublight Records: Acrnym – Flowers

New quality release coming from Sublight Records. This time it’s from Acrnym with an album entitled Flowers.

I would call this happy breakcore that sounds a bit like Venetian Snares/Mark Swift.

Acrnym - Flowers

1. Kate Says “Aye”
2. Megastation Mod ENV
3. Repeat
4. Bargain Hunt
6. Lava Lump
7. A 1980’s Fetish
8. Of Corset Horse
9. Outbox
10. Knife
11. Cuddle
12. Three
13. Pie

Buy it over on Sublight for 17$, including worldwide shipping.