GoatLab Radio November 2007 with Dan Gusset, Anarchist606 & special guest Dr Richard Wigglesworth

Check out the latest GoatLab radio with Dan Gusset, Anarchist606 and special guest Dr Richard Wigglesworth.

GoatLab Radio November 2007

1. Pitchshifter – Underachiever (Earache)
2. Richard Wigglesworth – Ethereal (unreleased)
3. Microphyst – Taking Chances with Oncoming Traffic (Proboscus)
4. Gusset – Maniac Gene Time (Death$ucker)
5. Richard Wigglesworth – Hampton Court (unreleased- but was on future music cd aug 2007!!!)
6. Rabbit Junk – Start the Riot (oops!! DHR cover on DTrash)
7. AFX – Cilonen From Analord (Rephlex 2005)
8. DHC Meinof – Revolution Action (DHR cover on DTrash)
9. Gusset’s slAYer MeGA miXXX!!!lol (feat. Doormouse, Duran Duran Duran, Atari Teenage Riot, John Williams, Slayer, Dokaka, Skimall)

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 12 05 Bailey as guest host with Lomax

Mary Anne Hobbs is on holiday in New York so Bailey is stepping up as guest host. There is also an exclusive mix from Lomax. Get your drum&bass fix from this one.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 12 05 Bailey and Lomax [Filesonic download]

Future Prophecies – ‘Untitled’ (Dubplate)
Lemon D – ‘Church Of Interplanetary Funk’ (Valve Dubplate)
Zero Tolerence – ‘Middle Men’ (Millmead Merk Dubplate)
Citizen Snipz – ‘Subwayz’ (School Of Scoundrels)
Steve Sicknote (aka Lynx) ft P Dub – ‘Landmines’ (Dubplate)
Alix Perez – ‘Doom’ (Dubplate)

Bailey in the Mix
Alix Perez – ‘Crooklyn’ (Soul:R Dubplate)
Dissident – ‘Universe Eat Universe’ (Subtle Audio Dubplate)
Subwave – ‘Think’ (Dubplate)
Lomax – ‘Flange’ (Co-Lab Dubplate)
John B – ‘Up All Night’ (Synth Pop Electro 80s VIP Mix) (Dubplate)
Goldie ft D Suade & RNR – ‘Change Is Gonna Come’ (Digital Soundboy Dubplate)

Benny Page – ‘Step Out’ (Dubplate)
Breakage – ‘Untitled’ (Dubplate)
Mr Lament (aka Redeyes) – ‘You’re Talkin Jazz’ (Dubplate)
Bhima – ‘Run Tune’ (Dubplate)
Goldie – ‘Truez String’ (Dubplate)

Lomax Mix
Strider – ‘Care No More’ (Dubplate)
Silent Witness – ‘Twin Town’ (Critical)
Spectrasoul – ‘Cascade’ (Dubplate)
Icicle – ‘Lost Hours’ (Critical)
Chase And Status – ‘Bionics’ (Dubplate)
Spectrasoul – ‘Flourescent’ (Dubplate)
Lomax – ‘Verrazano’ (Integral)
Lomax – ‘5 Weeks’ (Bingo)
Rogue Soul – ‘Be With You’ (Integral)

Nubian Minds – ‘Sellouts’ (Dubplate)
Martyn – ‘Suburbia’ (Apple Pip Dubplate)
A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Voodoo Jungle’ (Dubplate)
D Bridge ft Mpho – ‘Dream On’ (Exit)
Total Science ft Lamont – ‘Just A Little Bit’ (Blakai Remix) (Dubplate)
Hijak & Skream – ‘Retro’ (Cultured Beats)

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zombie-j – 6th Floor Sessions Episode 6:Decay – dubstep mix

zombie-j runs a podcast called 6th Floor Sessions. The latest episode consists of dirty and reggae influenced dubstep. I enjoyed it!

zombie-j – 6th Floor Sessions Episode 6: Decay

Matty G – Silver and Gold
Jazzsteppa – One
OSC – Think Forward
Ghislain Poirier – Blazin’ (Modeselektor Remix)
Scuba – Out There
Ruckspin – Ceaseless f/ Ras Spear
DJ Pinch – Gangstaz f/ Juakali
Enei – Xaram
DLX – You Wan Dead?
Parson & Skint – Big Killaz
Parson – Throw Some Ds

DJ Clever @ Halycon 11.30.07 – dubstep set

The Daily Session gives us a mix from DJ Clever playing a dubstep set at Halycon.
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DJ Clever @ Halycon 11.30.07

01. Mark Ashken – Size 3 (Skream Rmx) on Leftroom
02. Loefa – Disco Rekah on Deep Medi Musik
03. 23hz & Numaestro – Galeon Dub on Immerse
04. Wonder – What (Geeneus Rmx) on Dump Valve
05. Scarecrow – Snakes and Ladders on Destructive
06. Skream – Moving Snares on Disfigured Dubz
07. Roommate – 50 Blocks Away on 10 Bag
08. The Bug feat Killa P and Flow Dan – Skeng on Hyperdub
09. Loefah – Sukkah on Texture
10. Reso – Holograms on Pitch Black
11. Mala – Left Leg Out on DMZ
12. Starkey – Bounce on Starksound
13. Geiom – Auxology on Berkane Sol
14. Nyabing1 – Shamanu on Hot Flush

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Forensics – Dark Matter Vol.8 – dubstep mix

Yep, new dubstep mix from Forensics for the weekend.

Forensics – Dark Matter Vol.8

1. Summertime (Intro)
2. Burial – Shell of Light
3. Burial – Near Dark
4. This One – Disnee’s Turkey
5. Robbing Hood – Aggeloppoulous
6. Robbing Hood – Naked Lunch
7. Kuma – Bear Necessities
8. DZ – Space
9. Rekorder – Once
10. Quark & Dan Intrinsic – November in my Soul
11. Pure – Britney is on Drugs
12. Forensics – Holes in Heaven
13. Low Res Citizens – Real Voodoo
14. Genetic Crew – Wicked Skankout
15. Genetic Crew – Bug That
16. Malstrom – Reflex
17. Stenchman – The Funky Beat
18. Ekaros – Good Morning
19. Wang – Fuck Your Wobble

Zajko – Spaceman Spliff Sessions #21

Another nice mix from Zajko. A bit of breakcore, IDM, drum & bass and other styles. The opening track from Exile is just sick!
Check out other mixes from Zajko here.

Zajko – Spaceman Spliff Sessions #21

1. Exile – Open Mike
2. Aphex Twin – 54 Cymru Beats
3. Plug – Astronaut
4. Naphta – Hum
5. Autechre – Gaekwad
6. PU22L3 – Chased by Tengu
7. The Broken Awethor – The Sound of Angels Fighting
8. Venetian Snares – The Hopeless Pursuit of Remission
9. Fluxion – Aviation
10. Somatic Responses – Onwards
11. Emotional Joystick – Disfunked
12. Curtis Chip – Cars are Awesome
13. Squarepusher – Conc 2 Symmetriac
14. Amon Tobin – Triple Science
15. Exillon – Watson
16. Otto von Schirach – A Knock at the Door
17. Astrobtnia – Untitled

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 11 28 with Cadence Weapons and Breakage

This week we get a mix from Breakage and session tracks from the Canadian rapper Cadence Weapons on Mary Anne Hobbs show.
Planet Mu never cease to amaze me! Looks like they have signed up the great ragga jungle talent known as Sumone. Sounds like he has changed his direction more to drum&bass tho. Gonna be a great year for that label!

Mary Anne Hobbs 2007 11 28 with Cadence Weapons and Breakage [Uploaded.net download]

NWA – ‘If It Ain’t Ruff’ (Priority Records)
Nico Purman – ‘Tuesday’ (Vakant)
Burial – ‘Archangel’ (from LP ‘Untrue) (Hyperdub)
Sumone – ‘Oblivion’ (Planet Mu Dub)

Cadence Weapon Session Track
Cadence Weapon – ‘In Search Of The Youth Crew’ (Live in Session)

The Village Orchestra – ‘The Grey King’ (from LP ‘The Dark Is Rising’) (Stuff)
Benga & Walsh – ‘Addicts’ (Texture Dubplate)
Reso – ‘Identity’ (Dubplate)
Scorn – ‘Snag’ (from LP ‘Stealth’) (Ohm Resistance)
Paul De Aragon – ‘Module 3’ (from LP ‘Opposite Reality Check’) (Microdot)
Caspa – ‘Louder’ (Pitch Black)

Breakage Mix
Breakage – ‘Clarendon’ (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage – ‘Come Back’ (Bassbin)
Breakage – ‘The Shroud’ (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage – ‘Morning Star V.I.P.’ (Bassbin)
Insight – ‘Transmission’ (White)
L.V. With Dandelion – ‘Takeover’ (Hyperdub)
Digital Mystikz – ‘Ancient Memories’ (DMZ)
Breakage – ‘Calahan’ (Digital Soundboy)
Untold – ‘Signal Test’ (Hessle Audio)
Breakage – ‘Untitled’ (Digital Soundboy)

Dhruva & Sharmji – ‘Koli Stance’ (Dubplate)
Double Helix – ‘Complacency’ (from compilation ‘Action! Disco!’) (Crunk’s Not Dead)
Calibre – ‘Untitled’ (Dubplate)

Cadence Weapon Session Tracks
Cadence Weapon – ‘Oliver Square’ (Live in Session)
Cadence Weapon – ‘Black Hand’ (Live in Session)

ConQuest – ‘Forever’ (from Rusko & Caspa’s Fabric Mix) (Dub Police)
Sunken Foal – ‘Dutch Elm’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)

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Dimdoz [JungleX Selectah] – Vibe Steppaz volume 5

Dimdoz [JungleX Selectah] gives us a nice mix with ragga jungle, drum & bass and dubwise styles.

Dimdoz [JungleX Selectah] – Vibe Steppaz vol.5

1. Crs? – Baby I Love You So
2. Theory – Conquering Lion
3. Zion Train – Terrorist Talk (Digital and Lutin rmx)
4. Mir Crew – Children Of Dub (dubplate)
5. Aries – Ball Of Fire ( dubplate)
6. Aries – Run 4 Your Life (dubplate)
7. Cold Jazz and Wezzler feat. Joey Fever – Little Seed (dubplate)
8. Dj Dubb – Hollow Earth (JungleX dubplate)
9. Visionary feat. Peter Rankin – Jungle Rock
10. Dj Dubb, B3atz and dr.Clap feat Mc Luso de Lucho – Que Va Contigo
11. RCola feat. Big Triggz – Make Me Hear Ya
12. Soundclash – Over Me
13. Dj Ku and Zoundcollector feat. Morodo – Nyahbingi Man
14. Uk Apache and Mir Crew – Everyman Has A Right (Nuttah Beats dubplate)
15. Congo Natty – Wardance (Serial Killaz rmx)
16. Lilly Allen – Smile (DSB rmx)
17. RCola – Babybwoy

Live set from Kamerat Tord playing at Spasibar, Oslo November 10th 2007

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Oslo and checking out the club life.
The first night I got to see The Bug featuring Flow Dan and Warrior Queen playing at a small club called The Villa. The club was packed with ravers enjoying the wicked dubstep.

Spasibar 2

Spasibar 1

The next day was breakcore night at a club called Spasibar where the club concept Raske Rytmer had drummed together local breakcore talent. Kamerat Tord and Ars Dada played live set while DJ Woo and Kjempetjukk DJ played DJ sets. The club was not as packed with people as the night before (I guess dubstep is more hype than breakcore?), but eventually the dancefloor was filled with ravers.

Here is the liveset that my good friend Kamerat Tord played at Spasibar. Check out his myspace site and listen to the song “Loona”. My fave track at the moment!

Kamerat Tord – Liveset, Raske Rytmer

01: Kerbala
02: Mesh
03: Flame Bait
04: Howdy
05: Loona
06: Frollic²
07: Kix
08: Fazehugr
09: SID is your friend
10: Plasmid
11: Maus
12: Rael
13: The Fish Gate
14: Gjøm Ongan!
15: Hillaire
16: Buju Man Juice

Drop The Lime podcast mix for XLR8R magazine – Grime and dubstep stuff

Drop The Lime have made an exclusive dubstep/grime(ish) mix for XLR8R magazine.
Thanks to Clampants for the link.

Drop The Lime podcast mix for XLR8R magazine

1. John Carpenter “Dark Star” (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
2. Blackfinger “Beats & Strings” (More 2 Da Floor)
3. Mr. Virgo “Bubbler” (White Label Promo)
4. DJ Q “The Reasons Are” (More 2 Da Floor)
5. Dexplicit “Lollipop Bass Feat. Jazmine” (DXP Recordings)
6. Drop The Lime “Troubletown” (Unreleased)
7. Ghislain Poirier “Blazin’ Feat. Face-T (Starkey Remix)” (Unreleased)
8. L-Vis 1990 “Stay Together” (Digital Promo)
9. Drop the Lime “Hear Me (DTL Monster Mosh Dub)” (Trouble & Bass)
10. Fagget Fairys “Uzela (Drop the Lime Remix)” (Palms Out Records)
11. Zomby “Real Bad Things” (Tropical Bass Mix)
12. Sir Nenis & DJ Pushups “Fleshlighter” (Digital Promo)
13. Curses! “This Is the Way (Drop The Lime Remix)” (Institubes)
14. D.I.M. “Is You” (Boys Noize)
15. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke “Be” (Digital Promo)
16. Dave Nada “Kick Out the Jams” (T&A Records)
17. Youngstar “Bongcat Riddim” (White Label)
18. Mathhead X Passions “Turn The Music Up” (Trouble & Bass)
19. John Carpenter “The Thing” (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
20. Stephanie Mills “You’re Putting a Rush on Me (Acapella)” (MCA)
21. Cluster & Eno “Fur Louse” (4 Men With Beards US)

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 11 21 with Amon Tobin

We get a set from Amon Tobin on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs. The tune from Meat Beat Manifesto was a big surprise from me. Sounds like Meat Beat Manifesto have turned to dubstep and will be released on Planet Mu!!

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 11 21 with Amon Tobin [Uploaded.net download]

Venetian Snares – ‘Room 379’ (from LP – ‘My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)’) (Planet Mu)
Gaiser – ‘Apology’ (M_Nus)
MC Totally Rad and DJ F*** – ‘Super Evil’ (from Compilation – ‘A Jarring Effects Label Selection Of Capetown Beats’) (Jarring Effects)
Reso – ‘Identity’ (Dubplate)
Black Sun Empire, Graham Haynes & Pete Cosey – ‘Hidden Killer’ (from Bill Laswell’s LP ‘Method Of Defiance’) (Ohm Resistance)
Badness ft Mz Bratt & Dizzel Kidd – ‘Fix U Bizz’ (from Mixtape ‘Da Lava Continues’) (Aftershock)
Meat Beat Manifesto – ‘Hellfire’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)
Headhunter – ‘Locus Lotus’ (Tempa)
Appleblim / Peverelist – ‘Circling’ (Skull Disco)
Cult Of The 13th Hour – ‘Wickedness’ (from Compilation ‘Box Of Dub 2’) (Soul Jazz)
Enormous O Clock – ‘0000_975’ (Dubplate)

Amon Tobin Session

The Constructus Corporation – ‘Recharge’ (from LP ‘A Jarring Effects Label Selection Of Capetown Beats’) (Jarring Effects)
Scorn – ‘Snag’ (from LP ‘Stealth’) (Ohm Resistance)
Christ – ‘Chopper’ (from ‘Bike’ EP) (Benbecula)
N-Type – ‘HP Sauce’ (Dubplate)
Redpoint – ‘Q-Met’ (from ‘Stay At Home’ EP) (Hidden Music)
Scuba – ‘Outmost’ (Dubplate)
Disrupt – ‘The Stars My Destination’ (Werk)

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martialflaw – Deathpoetry part 3

I have been loving martialflaws (or m.flaw that he calls himself this time) mixes for a long time so I was happy to see that he have made a new mix. mflaw mixes lots of different styles into an enjoyable soup of music.
Check out his latest mix called Deathpoetry 3.

m.flaw – deathpoetry 03

1. Intro
2. Jason Forrest – Spectacle to Refute All Judgments
3. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
4. Toecutter – GeorDie Salvation
5. Muddy Waters – You got to Take Sick and Die Some of These Days
6. End – the Sick Generation (El Lubu mix)
7. Jim Carol Band – People Who Died
8. Jason Forrest – 180 Mar Ton
9. Venetian Snares – Too Young
10. Player – Untitled
11. Dead Kennedy’s – Kill the Poor
12. Producer Snafu – Randomness Everywhere
13. Epsilon – off one of his 3″ Cds, i can’t find my original disc but the paper sleeve for it is red and has a drawing of a goth looking on it
14. Kill Joy – Bad Vibe Sanga
15. Gravediggaz – Bang Your Head
16. Aaron Spectre – Mordor
17. Necro – World Gone Mad
18. Abelcain – The Crooked Shadow of Mr. Hyde
19. Hecate – Where is Your Lord Now?
20. Gravediggaz – Diary of a Madman
21. Enduser – Flat Lines
22. Trouble Clef – Addikttonoise
23. Bong Ra – Dub Murderer with Milanese – Barry
24. The Bug vs The Rootsman – Killer (Enduser rmx)
25. Scorn – Way it is
26. Unknown Interview with Charles Manson
27. The Perceptionists – Medical Aid (Acapella)
28. Dj Signify with Buck 65 – Stranded
29. Mental Nomad – 12 Tribes
31. Simahlak – Untitled (for now, i’ll find out today)
31. Unknown – the Last Poem to be Written (spoken word)
32. Have a Few, Get Some – Like the Wind
33. Simahlak – What’s in Your Heart?
34. Stevie Wonder – Heaven Help Us
35. El Michel’s Affair – CREAM
36. Marvin Gaye – Mercy, Mercy Me

Colz – Halloween Special Dubstep mix

Check out this great dubstep mix from an Irish DJ called Colz.

Colz – Halloween Special Dubstep mix

1) Bones – MRK 1
2) Flapjack – THE OTHERS
3) Ghost Not Memory – DARQWAN
4) I (Loefah Remix) – SKREAM
5) Fat Larrys Skank (Kode 9 Remix) – KODE 9, BENNY ILL and THE CULPRIT
6) Slums Dub – DZ
7) Lightning – SKREAM
9) Its Yours – LOEFAH
10) Skeng – THE BUG feat. KILLA P and FLOW DAN
11) Strong On Ya – DZ
12) Dead – CHIMPO
13) Midnight Request Line – SKREAM
14) Dancin Shoes – BABYLON SYSTEM
15) Odyssey – CLUEKID
16) Gameboy Dub – VISTA
17) Founder – WADADDA
18) Curious – KODE 9 and THE SPACEAPE feat. MS.HAPTIC
19) Soul Music – ROGUE STATE
20) Ghost Rider – EL-B
21) Steppa Delights – MRK 1
22) Threat – MUNDO
23) Spongebob – COKI

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 11 14 with Juakali and Shackleton

Sorry for the delay of this weeks MAH. I’ve bee visiting Oslo checking out some local breakcore acts and The Bug (feat. Warrior Queen and Flow Dan) playing live.

Anyways, in this show Mary Anne Hobbs gives us a guest mix from Shackleton and Juakali performing some live tunes.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 11 14 with Juakali and Shackleton [Uploaded.net download]

Reso – 2FacedRasta (Dubplate)
Enormous OClock – 0000_975 (Dubplate)
Sharpa & Konfab – Statement (Dubplate)
Wisp – Drycraeft [from the LP ‘Honor Beats] (Sublight)
Untold – Purify (Hessle Audio)

The Download
Audion – Rubber (Spectral Sound)

The Bug & Warrior Queen – Poison Dart (Ninjatune)
King Cannibal – Aragami Style [from the EP ‘Long Dark & Dancehall] (Shockout)

Live Session – Juakali
Juakali – Get Wet
Juakali – Gangstaz

Christian Dittmann – Sinos [from the EP ‘Emporio] (Thinner)
Burial – Raver [from the LP ‘Untrue] (Hyperdub)

Shackleton- Soundboy’s Suicide Note
Shackelton featuring Tenfold Vengeance ‘The Rope Tightens’ (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Shackleton – ‘In The Void’ (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Shackleton featuring Tenfold Vengeance – ‘…But The Branch Is Weak’ (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Shackleton – ‘Satan Is In The Labyrinth’ (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Shackleton – ‘Death is Not Final’ (Skull Disco Dubplate)

Sully – Phonebox (Dubplate)
Shameless – Shame On Your Name (Dubplate)
Oyaarss – 8419 (Dubplate)

Live Session – Juakali
Juakali – Crows

TRG vs Martyn – Broken Heart (Hessle Audio Dubplate)
Dynamic – Baroque (Dubplate)

Free Deathsucker compilation

Check out this free mp3 compilation from the awesome label Death$ucker.

Free Death$ucker Compilation 2007

1. DJ Floorclearer – Let’s Have It Cemetery Style (appears on D$R24)
2. The Teknoist – Galloping Gusset Inspection Remix (appears on D$R18)
3. Monster Zoku Onsomb – Dark Eyes Glow (appears on D$R17)
4. DJ C – Who Wah Seek Yo (appears on D$R23)
5. Pisstank – Punching (appears on D$R25)
6. Monkey Steak – Too Late (appears on D$R20)
7. Big Joan – Here Comes The Flood (appears on D$R19)
8. Acrnym – Whats Up Buttercup (appears on D$R21)
9. DJ Floorclearer – Over The Limit (appears of D$R16)
10. DJ C & Zulu – Ransom The Senator (appears on D$R15)
11. Aaron Spectre – Mordor (appears on D$R12)
12. Knifehandchop – Get Yourself Ready (appears on D$R14)
13. Soundbites – CrazyHyperShit (appears on D$R22)
14. Parasite – Goatrave Massive (appears on D$R14)
15. Big Joan – The Suckers Bug (My Ambulance Is On Fire Sucker’s Bug ’91 Remix) (appears on D$R19)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m currently on a short vacation and have limited internet access. Core News will be back in business this weekend.