Otto Von Schirach podcast #259 for XLR8R

Time for some madness from Otto Von Schirach doing a podcast for XLR8R.

Otto Von Schirach podcast #259 for XLR8R [Direct download]

01 Otto Von Schirach “Triangle ForceField Intro”
02 Death “Infernal Death” (Combat)
03 Afro-Rican “Give It All You Got (Doggy Style Mega Mix)” (Suntown)
04 Andressa Soares “Balancia da Melancia (Mulher Melancia)”
05 DJ Wiz & DJ Jock D “Fresh To Rock” (Cut It Up Def)
06 Otto Von Schirach “Supermeng” (Monkeytown)
07 DJ Scotch Egg “Scotch Hausen” (AD AAD AT)
08 Bruce Haack “OK Robot” (Dimension 5)
09 Crash Course in Science “Kitchen Motors” (GO GO)
10 Renaldo and the Loaf “A Medical Man” (Ralph)
11 Celina y Reutilio “A Santa Barbara (Otto Re-edit)” (Chango)
12 Fresh Girls Mandingos feat. Eugene Cooper “I Got the Bass” (Needle in the Groove)
13 Otto Von Schirach “Gravitron” (Monkeytown)
14 Original Concept “Pump that Bass” (Def Jam)
15 Phoenecia “Grrl Trrbl” (Schematic)
16 The Cassandra Complex “Moscow Idaho” (Normal)
17 Visitors “V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S” (Montage)
18 Informatics “Proximity Switch (Accidents in Paradise)” (Last Chance)
19 John Maus “It Takes Time” (Upset! The Rhythm)
20 Gershon Kingsley & Peter Waldron “Goblin Dance” (Ghostly Sounds)
21 Los Zafiros “La Caminadora” (Fire)
22 Mr Feathers “Triangle of God (feat Metro Zu)” (Triangle Earth)
23 Fantômas “Book 1- Page 19” (Ipecac)
24 Bass Dominators (Clay D & Amos Larkin III) “Go Head Go Head” (On)
25 Los Sucios “SUCIA” (Real Wild)
26 Space “Magic Fly” (Vogue)
27 Trans Volta “Disco Computer” (RKM)
28 The Immortals “The Ultimate Warlord” (RCA Victor)
29 Alec Empire “Addicted to You” (DHR)
30 Mr Bungle “Desert Search for Techno Allah” (Warner Bros.)
31 Baconhead “Wookie”(Acroplane)
32 Yma Sumac “Mambo” (Capitol)
33 Otto Von Schirach “Ultimate Universe” (Monkeytown)
34 Dino Felipe “Puppetry” (Triangle Earth)
35 Banana Sloth “Dinosaurs Will Eat Your Brain” (Sub-Conscious Communications)
36 Silverio “Yepa Yepa Yepa” (Nuevos Ricos)
37 Otto Von Schirach “Portal Prayer” (Monkeytown)
38 Joe Meek “I Hear a New World” (RPM)

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Otto Von Schirach podcast #259 for XLR8R

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