Omar-S – Resident Advisor podcast #500 2015-12-28

“Tune in for three hours of FXHE radio.
Very few house and techno artists have achieved the quality and consistency of Alex O. Smith, AKA Omar-S. He’s been releasing a steady flow of 12-inches out of Detroit for over a decade, and the results are rarely anything less than excellent. Smith takes his artistic independence very seriously. Nearly all of his music comes out through his own FXHE label, and he’s known as a straight-talking guy who does things on exactly his own terms. He’s been on our podcast hit list for as long as any of us can remember.
Being the enigmatic character that he is, Smith didn’t fancy the interview portion of the RA podcast, but he did tell us this just before he mixed it:
– The podcast was recorded at his home in Detroit.
– He went on road trips in his Nissan GTR, ranging from Vermont to California, just to buy records for RA.500.
– There are a few of his own tracks in the mix.
– It’s the first “FXHE radio show.”
– He has a new record, Sidetrakx Volume #4, that’s just come out, and he’s working on a new ten-track album for early next year, featuring Tom Bugs, Amp Fidler, John F.M., Diviniti and many more.
– He’s started a quarterly residency at Grasshopper in Detroit. The next party is February 6th.”
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Omar-S - Resident Advisor podcast #500 2015-12-28

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