No Time To Waste compilation seeking breakcore artists

WSicko over at is looking for artists contributing on a free online release. The “catch” is that you have to make the breakcore tune very short. Between 20 and 30 seconds to be exact.

A good deal of artists are already in:
404 Error, Akira, Apzolut, AvoidAudio, Batuta, Combat Cunt, D.A. Tist, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, DJ YSL, Dysphemic, Ed Cox, Etruscan, FFF, Jason Forrest, Holy Crap, Intergalactik Purifier, Kamarat Tord, Libythth, Maladroit, Mighty, Onken, Plieuw, Producer Snafu, Retrigger, Silent Victory, Solypsis, Sons Of The Special, Sybase, System 404, Tex-nd, The Untitled and WSicko.

Want your name on the list? Head over to

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