Nemone’s Electric Ladyland 2020-03-14 with Dino Lenny and Camea

“The guest resident is UK based Italian DJ and producer Dino Lenny and Berlin based DJ and producer Camea delivers the guest mix.
Lenny runs Fine Human Records, and has been releasing music and delivering remixes for 30 years. His current project is ‘Dis Kollect’ a collection of tracks and remixes from across his whole career.
Camea has just released her debut artist album ‘Dystopian Love’. And who better to tell you about the album than the artist herself:
Dear Listener,
Thank you for listening to my first full length album. I wrote this piece over a period of six months, in which I did not do much else but write, listen and research. Most of these tracks are products of many versions that I canvased, until I found an atmosphere that touched my heart completely.The original sketches started out as contemplations of my coming-of-age life experiences, but over time, as I listened to the music, another illustration started to unfold in my imagination. Soon the album evolved into a Dystopian Love story, following the tale of a singular, feminine person, experiencing feelings of hope, sadness, anger, love, and beauty, while wandering alone on a post-human Earth. I worked with both mine and her story symbiotically, and eventually, in an unexpected way, they started to reflect each other.
Sharing this work with you is deeply personal and feels like letting you read my diary.This is why I wanted to write this info sheet directly, rather than in third-person, because you are giving this your time and deserve to know where it came from. If you have made it this far in the text I am very grateful. I hope you enjoy the music and also, perhaps, find a reflection of yourself in it.
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Nemone’s Electric Ladyland 2020-03-14 with Dino Lenny and Camea [ download]

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