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Nemone’s Electric Ladyland 2019-06-08 Celebrating all things Drum & Bass

12 June, 2019 (19:50) | Drum and Bass | By: Core News

“Nemone celebrates all things Drum & Bass and Metalheadz with label associate Om Unit the Resident DJ. An absolute stalwart of the Drum and Bass scene, the Bristol-based producer and DJ released the instant classic Self in 2017, and has returned this year with a new EP, Untitled Works. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have the legendary Drum & Bass DJ and producer Ray Keith as resident selector. He’s also celebrating 25 years in the business since setting up the iconic Dread Recordings label.
And we’ve delved into the archives to dig out a classic mix from Goldie. What with this year being the 25 anniversary or Metalheadz, we thought it only proper to share some classic sounds from the great man. He’ll be joining us later in the year for a proper catchup and a good ol’ walk down memory lane.”
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Nemone’s Electric Ladyland 2019-06-08 Celebrating all things Drum & Bass [ download]

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