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Nemone on 6 Music 2012-09-02 with Four Tet

4 September, 2012 (18:17) | MP3 | By: Core News

“Nemone wakes you up to your weekend with musical and cultural stimulation for your Sunday morning.
Last time Keiran Hebden, aka Four Tet, shared his records with us in Most Played, he brought some of the most eclectic, interesting music around, including the song that was a limited download: 1000 versions that each sounded slightly different. Returning for a Record Exchange, you cannot help but be intrigued to find out which song Keiran will choose to play Nemone. More to the point, what will Nemone choose to play to Four Tet? The pressure is on! Hear the resulting Record Exchange this morning.
Add to this Fem-C and singer-songwriter Neneh Cherry sharing the second part of her Most Played playlist and you have a Sunday morning full of music to lie in to. Neneh’s Most Played features the likes of Frank Ocean, dad Don Cherry and PJ Harvey.”

Nemone on 6 Music 2012-09-02 with Four Tet [ download] [Depositfiles download]

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Nemone on 6 Music 2012-09-02 with Four Tet

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Comment from Arthit
Time September 6, 2012 at 2:25 pm

The famous Nemone’s Record Exchange with Four Tet comes after the Buzzcocks track. Spoiler alert: it’s Goldie vs Daphni.