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Mix Mup – Resident Advisor podcast #534 2016-08-22

22 August, 2016 (16:17) | House, Resident Advisor podcasts | By: Core News

“Machine funk from an under-the-radar favourite.
Lorenz Lindner is a German artist with a small-but-loyal fan base who love him for his unconventional club tracks. His sound is slippery and hard to define, lurking on the outskirts of house and techno. His peculiar talents have gradually gained attention in recent years, but Lindner has in fact been releasing records since the early 2000s. There’s not much stylistic crossover between 2003’s DJ Of Higher Quality and 2015’s Skip Intro, but in that early record you can hear some of the machine-funk that would later define his work. It’s an aesthetic Lindner shares with Kassem Mosse, his frequent collaborator. The pair have become a formidable duo, playing improvised live sets together and releasing standout records for The Trilogy Tapes, MM/KM and Have You Seen Them. “‘MM KM End To Funk’ seems to me one of the most original electronic tracks of recent years,” said one Discogs user earlier this year, and the track is indeed a great MM/KM case study. There are sections that like a sloppy DJ mix, but the execution is somehow beguiling; amidst a blur of off-kilter loops, a louche bass note keeps some semblance of order, lumbering beneath a synth string that could have come from an Underground Resistance record. Lindner has been equally adventurous in his solo work, which has landed on respected labels like Hinge Finger, The Trilogy Tapes, Mikrodisko and Meakusma, a run of 12-inches that will be overlooked by the many and cherished by the few.”
RA.534 shows that Lindner is also a skilled selector. The more esoteric edges of his productions are softened here, as he guides us through 59-minutes of opaque and enveloping club music.
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Mix Mup – Resident Advisor podcast #534 2016-08-22 [ download] [ download] [ download]

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Mix Mup - Resident Advisor podcast #534 2016-08-22

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