Mind Against – Resident Advisor podcast #482 2015-08-24

“Celestial techno from the Life And Death duo.
It all happened pretty quickly for Alessandro and Federico Fognini. In 2011, after years of making music in one form or another, the two brothers formed a new DJ and production duo: Mind Against. Two years later they’d moved from Italy to Berlin and had their first record out on Life & Death (Atlant), with another two in the pipeline (Avalon and Strange Days). By then their DJ careers had taken off and they were playing somewhere in the world every weekend. It seems they made quite an impression on their audiences: last December, they debuted in our annual Top DJs poll all the way up at #33.
Sometimes it’s hard to say exactly why an act breaks through, but not with these guys. From the off, Mind Against had a signature sound that was immersive and completely their own: cosmic, emotionally rich and banging when it needs to be. RA.482 shows us an especially subtle side of their sound, with 58 minutes of techno that gently ebbs and flows.”

Mind Against – Resident Advisor podcast #482 2015-08-24 [Uploaded.net download]

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Mind Against - Resident Advisor podcast #482 2015-08-24

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