Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 09 06 Dubstep Warz 2006

This Mary Anne Hobbs show was actually the show that really turned me on to dubstep. I have no idea how many times I have rinsed this awesome show. Did Dubstep Warz change your view on dubstep?
“As Mary Anne enters her last week on Radio 1, she gives you another chance to re-live her influential Dubstep Warz edition of the show from 2006. Featuring sets from the likes of Mala, Skream, Kode 9 and Space Ape, Vex’d, Hatcha, Loefah and Sgt. Pokes, and Distance.”
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Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 09 06 Dubstep Warz 2006 [Depositfiles download]

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 09 06 Dubstep Warz 2006

D1 – Untitled

Mala (Digital Mystikz)
Digital Mystikz – 10 Dread Commandments VIP
Digital Mystikz – Haunted
Digital Mystikz – Left Leg Out
Skream – ‘Request Line’ Mala remix
Digital Mystikz – All Of A Sudden
Digital Mystikz – Anti-War Dub

Skream – Midnight Request Line [Tempa]
Skream – Tapped [Tempa]
Sunship and Warrior Queen – ‘Almighty Father’ Skream remix
Skream – Glamma [Tempa]
Skream – Deep Concentration [Tempa]
Skream – Rottan [Tempa]
Digital Mystikz – ‘Ancient Memories’ Skream remix [Tempa]
16 Horsepower – ‘Egypt’ (Skream remix)
Skream – Music 2 Make Us Stagga

Kode 9 and Space Ape
Benny Ill, Kode9 & The Culprit – ‘Fat Larry Skank’ (kode9 remix)
Kode9 + The Space Ape – 9 Samurai [Hyperdub]
Kode9 + The Space Ape – Backward [Hyperdub]
Kode9 and Space Ape – Kingston Dub [Hyperdub]
Burial and Space Ape – Space Ape

Vex’d – Saturn
Vex’d – 3rd Choice
Vex’d – Wavescape Remix
Vex’d – Killing Floor
Vex’d – Knowledge Remix

Benga – Untitled
Benga – Untitled
Coki – Untitled
Coki – Untitled
Coki – Untitled
Skream – ‘Request Line (Remix)
Benga – Untitled
Benga – Untitled
Benga – Untitled
Digital Mystikz – ‘Ancient Memories’ Skream remix [Tempa]

Loefah and Sgt. Pokes
Loefah – Mud
Loefah – Ruffage
Loefah – Sukkah
Loefah – System

Distance – My Demons
Distance – Fallen
Distance – Tuning
Distance – Cella
Distance – Cyclops
Distance – Night Vision
Distance – Traffic

Pinch – Qawwali

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6 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 09 06 Dubstep Warz 2006”

  1. Why does it seem so much longer ago? God I will miss her voice every week. I can even begin to thank her for all the great years!

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