Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 02 18 Hemlock vs Exit Label Showcase

dBridge and Untold!!
“Untold represents Hemlock while dBridge puts in an exclusive mix for the Exit label.
Check out what they had to say to one another about the music scene of today and bygone years when they met in a London cafe leading up to their showcase mixes on Mary Anne Hobbs.”
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Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2010 02 18 Hemlock vs Exit Label Showcase [Filesonic download]

1. Tranqill — Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Version from The Hidden Treasures EP) One Handed Music
2. Eleven Tigers — Frozen Wheel (from the LP Clouds Are Mountains) Soul Motive
3. Ikonika — Idiot (Altered Natives remix from the LP Contact, Want, Love, Have) Hyperdub
4. Brackles & Shortstuff — Pipey D Blunted Robots
5. Tinie Tempah Tinie Tempah — Pass Out (sbtrkt remix) Dubplate
6. Dem Hunger — Rainwater Tea (from the LP CAVEMAN SMACK) Leaving Records
7. ASC — Fade Away Seasons (feat Consequence from the LP Nothing Is Certain) NonPlus+
8. Flying Lotus — Computer Face // Pure Being (from the LP Cosmogramma) Warp
9. Breakage Breakage — Foundation (from the LP Foundation) Digital Soundboy
10. Kris Kross — Jump (Presk remix) SM Lite
11. Roska — Squark (from the LP Roska) Rinse
12. [unknown] — Untitled Dubpate
13. Vex’d — Nails (from the LP Cloud Seed) Planet Mu

14. Hemlock Showcase Mix by Untold
1. LV & Untold — Beacon Forthcoming
2. Ramadanman — Tempest Forthcoming
3. James Blake — Air & Lack Thereof HEK 004
4. Untold — 808 Hemlock dub
5. Ramadanman — Glut Forthcoming
6. Untold — You dropped something Hemlock dub
7. Untold — Tastes like chicken Hemlock dub
8. Untold — No one likes a smart-arse HEK005
9. LV & Untold — Beacon (Mount Kimbie remix) Forthcoming
10. Fantastic Mr. Fox & Rich Reason — Plimsoul HEK003

15. Exit Showcase Mix By dBridge
1. D-Bridge — So Lonely Exit
2. D-Bridge — Decayed Exit
3. D-Bridge — The Dim Light Exit
4. D-Bridge — Love Hotel Exit
5. D-Bridge — Detuned Heart Exit
6. Instra:mental — Fist (Level 2B Mix) Exit
7. Consequence — Of Uncertain Exit

16. Artist Unknown — Impairment 1XA
17. DJ Madd — Arpz 3000 Dubplate

18. Wake Up Dev
1. Airhead — Crushed Peel Dubpate

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