Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 06 03 Blue Daisy, Brackles and 16 Bit

Blue Daisy, Brackles and 16 Bit is on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs show. Sorry for the delay of this post, work is taking its toll. Update: New and better recording posted. Ohyeah, am I the only one that love the Brackles – LHC track?
Hotfile download up for now and Rapidshare will be added later today.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 06 03 Blue Daisy, Brackles and 16 Bit [Filesonic download]

Cooly G – ‘Love Dub’ [Refix] (Hyperdub)
Toddla T – ‘No Kip’ from the LP ‘Skany Skanky’ (Sony)
Paul White – ‘Sugar Free Airlines’ from the LP ‘The Strange Dreams Of Paul White’ (One Handed Music)
MED vs Madlib – ‘Soon Find Out’ (StonesThrow)
Zwolf – ‘InMicro Telecom’ from the ‘Fake Death EP’ (White Label)
Statix – ‘Mind Over Matter’ (Dubplate)

Blue Daisy Interview

Jack Sparrow with Biggins – ‘Fullest’ (Tectonic)
Tokimonsta – ‘Stigmatising Sex’ (Brainfeeder dub)
Burial & Four Tet – ‘Wolf Cub’ (White Label)

Brackles Mix
MSRKRFT feat. John Legend – ‘Heartbreaker’ [Brackles Remix]
Martin Kemp – ‘No Charisma’
Brackles and Martin Kemp – ‘Graffiti’
Brackles – ‘Lizards’
Tempz – ‘Next Hype’ [Brackles Rmx Instrumental]
Brackles – ‘Rawkus’
Brackles – ‘LHC’

Blue Daisy Mix
Blue Daisy – ‘Krash Blip’
Blue Daisy – ‘Scars’
Blue Daisy – ‘Shallow Vicinity’ (Black Acre)
Blue Daisy – ‘Wolf’ (Black Acre)
Blue Daisy- ‘Boggie Man’
Mono/Poly – ‘Jetstream’ [Blue Daisy Rmx]
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ [Blue Daisy Rmx]
Blue Daisy – ‘Segregated Minds’
Blue Daisy – ‘Winter is Blue’

16 Bit Mix
Lisa Gerrard – ‘Space Weaver’ [16bit Rmx] [Dub]
16bit – ‘Serum’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Snipers’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘ADSL’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Skyline’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Jump’ [Southside Dubstars]
16bit – ‘Panic’ [Heavy Artillery]
16bit – ‘Chainsaw Calligraphy’ [Boka]
16bit – ‘FunHouse’ (A Whole Lot Of Fun) [Dub]

Lee Scratch Perry vs Kode 9 – ‘Yellow Tongue’ (On-U-Sound)
Floating Points – ‘Truly’ from the ‘Vaccum EP’ (Elgo)

Headz Up: Christoph in Germany
Ghosthack – ‘Bi66er’ (Dubfront Records / Shift Recordings)

Ras G – ‘Number 1 Song’ (Dubplate)
Data – ‘Doors Of Perception’ (Tempa)
Baobinga feat DJ Nasty – ‘State Of Ghetto Jackin’ [Dave Nada Rmx] (Trouble & Bass)
Virus Syndicate vs Kromestar – ‘Anything’ (Dub)

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13 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 06 03 Blue Daisy, Brackles and 16 Bit”

  1. Its alright, we shouldn’t be complaining in the first place since normally the quality is amazing.

    16bit guestset was insane btw! Really enjoyed that one.

  2. hey nice one. the headz up for this time was my favourite. i might have a recording if you guys are interested…….if thats allright with thomas…..

  3. puhh, I first thought it’s just me, but it’s the recording…
    Would be awesome, if you can find another recording. the sets are really great. Thanks anyway!

  4. awesome! Love Brackles, thanks!!

    Not a gripe or anything but hotfile is so much slower than rapidshare, is anyone getting this or just me?

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