Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 03 04 Ras G, Nosaj Thing and Mono/Poly

This week on Mary Anne Hobbs we get mixes from Ras G, Nosaj Thing and Mono/Poly. These club DJs comes from California in the US.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – 2009 03 04 Ras G, Nosaj Thing and Mono/Poly [Filesonic download]

Joker – ‘Do It!’ (Kapsize)
Pinch & Moving Ninja – ‘False Flag’ (Tectonic)
Dakim – ‘Parked’ from the EP ‘Standthis’ (Leaving)
Coalition Of The Killing – ‘We Are Glitch ‘ [DJ G mix] (Blipswitch)
Len Faki – ‘BX 3’ from the compilation ‘Berghain 03’ (Ostgut Ton)
Legion Of Two – ‘And Now We Wait’ from the LP ‘Riffs’ (Planet Mu)
Untold – ‘Luna’ (Dubplate)
D Franklin & Untold – ‘Beacon (Dubplate)
Blue Daisy – ‘Strings Detached’ (Dubplate)
Boxcutter – ‘Lampost Funk’ from the LP ‘Arecibo Message’ (Planet Mu)
Dam Funk – ‘KillDatM*’ (StonesThrow)

Mono/Poly in the Mix
Mono/Poly – ‘The Beatles’
Mike Slott – ‘My Lightbridge’
Sir OJ – ‘Lightsabermass’
Mono/Poly – ‘Red & Yellow Toys’
Mono/Poly – ‘Ninja Turtle Feet’
Busy – ‘Avogadro’
T-Bag ft. Lil Wayne – ‘Cant Believe It’ [Mono/Poly Mix]
Mono/Poly – Aquaschism + The Gemini Mermaid

Ras G in the Mix
Ras G – ‘El-Saturn-Day/P.O.P/Brainfeeder Bent Intro’
Ras G – ‘Deep Space Nine’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘HollyHood/Where Dem Trees @?’(Dubplate)
Samiyam – ‘Fishsticks’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘Ancestrial Echoes’(Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘Elevators’ (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus – ‘Aboriginal’ (Dubplate)
Ras G – ‘In Coming!!!!’(Brainfeeder)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Yonard’(Warp)
Ras G – ‘Speaker Smash [ruff]’ (Dubplate)

Nosaj Thing in the Mix
Chopin – ‘Prelude in E Minor’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Untitled’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Nightcrawler’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Wandering Star’ [Nosaj Thing Remix]
Nosaj Thing – ‘Coat of Arms’
Nosaj Thing – ‘1685/Bach’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Intro/Camel’ [Nosaj Thing Remix]
Nosaj Thing -‘Aquarium’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Caves’
Nosaj Thing – ‘Harrison Ford’

Clubroot – ‘Sempiternal’ (Lo Dubs)
Nobody presents Blank Blue – ‘Blank Blue’ from the LP ‘Western Water Music Vol II’ (Ubiquity)
Furesshu – ‘Millennia Mix 5’ (Dubplate)
Bullion – ‘Time For Us All To Love’ (One Handed Music)
Martyn – ‘For Lost Relatives’ (Aus Music/Simple Music)
LD – ‘Traumatic Times’ (Hyperdub)
Slidecamp – ‘Geometer’ (Dubplate)

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6 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 03 04 Ras G, Nosaj Thing and Mono/Poly”

  1. nice one, extremelly weel chosen tracks and some dark little ones like the legion of two. that track was just fat 🙂 keep it up marry anne 🙂 we love you

  2. This is Maniac. I produced this track(Aquarium) in 2005 and had it
    reviewed by an executive at Motown Records. Apparently Nosaj Thing
    remixed it for Kid Cudi. I never received any notification my track
    would be used or payment, now I have two artists both using my track
    without my consent!

    I’m sure that there is a reasonable explaination as to why a track I submitted to Motown is being used in a slightly remixed form as a title track on a Motown artist’s album. I hope that these artists both contact me and resolve this issue so I can receive proper credit for my contribution to the track

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