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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 02 04 Nerm and D-Code as guest hosts

4 February, 2009 (12:22) | Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Experimental, Mary Anne Hobbs, MP3 | By: Core News

Mary Anne Hobbs is visiting the west coast in the US (probably recording some wicked music for us) so Nerm and D-Code are guests hosts this week. Lots of drum & bass, dubstep and other more experimental styles in this show. Nerm and D-Code also made a mix with old and new drum & bass tunes. Very likable even tho Mary Anne is missing!
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Mary Anne Hobbs 2009 02 04 Nerm and D-Code as guest hosts [Filesonic download]

D-Code – ‘Glitterstep’ [Sub Swara Remix] (Shiva Soundsystem)
Reso – ‘If You Can’t Beat ‘Em’ (Dubplate)
Semephor – ‘GrinDhol’ (Dubplate)
Sukh Knight – ‘Knightlife’ (Nasha)
V.I.V.E.K – ‘Shift’ (Dubplate)
Benny Page & Zero G – ‘Trigger Finger’ (Dubplate)
Curious ID – ‘100BPM’ (Dubplate)
DJ V – ‘Genetix’ (Dubplate)
I.D – ‘To The Line’ (Dubplate)
Nosaj Thing – ‘Coat Of Arms’ (Dubplate)
Engine Earz & DJ Luxy – ‘Introspector’ (Catch22Music)
Shock One – ‘Adichigahara’s Theme’ (Viper)
Soul Intent & DJ T – ‘City’s Edge’ (Cyclon)
Hobzee & Zyon Base – ‘Ways of the World’ (Dubplate)

All Back to Nerm & D-Codes
Ed Rush – ‘Sector 3’ (No U-Turn)
Photek – ‘Trans 7’ (Science)
Boymerang – ‘Soul Beat Runner’ (Regal)
Adam F – ‘Metropolis’ (Metalheadz)
Ram Trilogy – ‘Chase Scene’ (Ram)
Blu Mar Ten – ‘If I Could Tell You’ (Dubplate)
Deepcutt – ‘Sarabande’ (Scion Records)
Subterra & Dekko – ‘Why’ (Dubplate)
Blocks – ‘Tangier’ (Dubplate)
Yorkee – ‘Fade’ (Dubplate)
Soul Intent – ‘Bro’ (Dubplate)
Kharm – ‘Prelude to Revolution’ (Dubplate)

Appleblim & Geiom – ‘In The Void’ (Skull Disco)
Alien Entertainment – ‘Soundclash’ [Dub Frictional Remix] (Dubplate)
Karsh Kale – ‘Breaking Response’ (Six Degrees)
Funcinternational – ‘HOP’ (Dubplate)
Infintie Scale – ‘From Wood 09’
Enduser – ‘Keep Telling’ (Hymen)

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Comment from Lubek
Time February 5, 2009 at 8:29 pm

What’s the name of the track they’ve been wondering during the show: flipside of [???] runner – mind control

Comment from Matthieu
Time February 8, 2009 at 7:21 pm

Best show in a while. I love the first two tracks plus the Shock One tune is really massive. Anyone has any idea when that one is comin out?