Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 01 21 with Paul White and Floating Points

Paul White and Floating Points got mixes up on this weeks Mary Anne Hobbs. Also new tracks from Jamie Vex’d and Boxcutter.
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental with Paul White and Floating Points [Filesonic download]

Mark Pritchard – ‘?’ (Ho Hum)
Pangaea – ‘Memories’ (Dubplate)
Joker & Ginz – ‘Purple City’ (Dubplate)
Squarepusher – ‘Illegal Dustbin’ from the EP ‘Lucent Numbers’ (Warp)
Starkey feat Durrty Goodz – ‘Gutter Music VIP’ (Keysound)
Jamie Vex’d – ‘Junior Walker’ (Planet Mu Dub)
Boxcutter – ‘Sidetrak’ from the LP ‘Arecibo Message’ (Planet Mu)
Martyn – ‘Elden St’ from the LP ‘Great Lengths’ (3024)

Gaslamp Killer from LA, on the Phone
Nosaj Thing – ‘Coat of Arms’ from the forthcoming LP ‘Nosaj Thing – Nosaj Thing’ (Self Titled)

Pan Sonic – ‘Lahetys’ from the LP ‘Katodivaihe’ (White Label)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Thieves’ from the Warehouse Session’ (Modern Love)

Paul White in the Mix
Paul White – ‘Alien Nature’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Sea Life’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Nasty Business’ (Unreleased)
Paul White – ‘Carbon’ – (Unreleased)
Bullion – ‘Are You The One’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Uprising Of The Insane’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Grimy Light’ (Unreleased)
Burning Spear – ‘People Get Ready’ (Island)
Paul White – ‘Floating Free’ (One-Handed Music)
Mort Garson – ‘Let The Sunshine In’ (A & M)
Tangerine Dream – ‘Force Majeure’ (Virgin)

Floating Points in the Mix
Floating Points – ‘Cycle 11 DUB’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘KG beat’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘Peroration feat. Fatima’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘JW beat’ (unreleased)
W Orbit – ‘Optical Illusions’ [Aaron Jerome Remix] (CDR)
Dabrye – ‘Game Over’ [Dorian Concept Remix!] (CDR)
Kona Triangle – ‘AIRLOCK’ (CDR)
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program – ‘Sign Me Up’ (Poo-Bah)
Floating Points – ‘For You’ (eglo)

Ital Tek – ‘Massive Error’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)
Optikatechiniqua – ‘Rinse It’ (Dubplate)
Tor – ‘Back On The Endz’ from the LP ‘Beatz International’ (Pinch Of Salt)
Bun Zer0 – ‘Psychedlic Flu’ (Bass Tourist)
Reso – ‘Octacon’ (Dubplate)
Sh**mat – ‘Best Before 10-11-1992’ from the LP ‘One Foot In The Rave’ (Planet Mu Dub)
Hyetal – ‘Pixel Rainbow Sequence’ [Peverlist mix] (Reduction Records)
Ghettozoid feat Yolanda – ‘Seeking’ (Dubplate)
Ben Klock – ‘Coney Island’ from the album ‘One’ (Ostgut Ton)
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – ‘Six Degrees’ (Swamp 81)

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2 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 01 21 with Paul White and Floating Points”

  1. One of her finest! Loved the Optikatechniqua track, proper nutty mayhem. Second time she’s played that – more please! …. & the Martyn track , the Jamie Vexd…………. & Boxcutter……

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