Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 12 10 with Daedelus

Deadelus is guesting Mary Anne Hobbs this week with a rave, garage and electro mix. Looking forward to listen to Squarepusher on next weeks Mary Anne Hobbs show!
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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 12 10 with Daedelus [Filesonic download]

Wiley ft Frisco, P Money & Daniel Merriweather – ‘Cash In My Pocket’ [DVA remix]
Appleblim & Peverlist – ‘Over Here’ [Brendan Moller mix]
Rafferie – ‘Sugar’ (Dubplate)
Wireman – ‘Axiom’ from the ‘Armour EP’ (Prime Numbers)
Amit vs Darqwan – ‘White Trash’ [Darqwan 140 mix] (Commercial Suicide Dub)
Ghetto feat Griminal – ‘Don’t Phone Me’ (Dubplate)
Unknown – ‘Getobonk!’ (Dubplate)
F – ‘Phantom’ (7even)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Polkadot Blues’ (Warp)
Chef – ‘Obama Bass’ (Dubplate)
Qemists – ‘Dem No Like Me’ [King Cannibal Mix] (Ninja)
Ruskspin, Planas and DLR – ‘Heart Murmur’ (Dubplate)

Daedelus Mix
Daedelus – ‘Intro’ (Unreleased)
Daedelus – ‘C’est Super’ (Unreleased)
Daedelus – ‘Bonjour’ [Fair Weather Friends EP] (Ninjatune)
Daft Punk – ‘Better, Faster, Stronger, Mixing’ (ED)
Fake Blood – ‘Mars’
Mr. V – ‘Hypnotik’
Zomby – ‘Float’
Acen – ‘Close Your Eyes’
T2 – ‘HeartBroken’
Daedelus – ‘Experience’ [Invention] (Plug Research)
Daedelus – ‘Snowed In’ [Of Snowdonia] (Plug Research)
Mr. Oizo – ‘Stunt Moustache’ (Half A Scissors)
Madvillian Madvilliany – ‘Accordion’ (Stones Throw)
Daedelus – ‘Make It So’ (feat. Michael Johnson)
Stone Roses – ‘I Want To Be Adored’
Sticky – ‘I’m In Love Feat. Young London’
Daedelus – ‘My Beau’ [Ninjatune]
Daedelus – ‘Jilted’ (Unreleased)
Beach Boys – ‘Don’t Worry Baby’
Depeche Mode – ‘Enjoy The Silence’
Daedelus – ‘Fair Weather Friends’ [Ninjatune]
Daedelus – ‘Far Withered Friends’ [Death Set RMX] [Ninja]
Daedelus – ‘Only For the Heart Strings’ [Ninja]
Coldcut – ‘Man In A Garage’ [Daedelus RMX] (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Like Clockwork Springs’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Hrs:Mins:Secs’ (Ninjatune)

Squarepusher – ‘Coat Hanger’ from the LP ‘Just A Souviner’ (Warp)
Caspa – ‘Marmite’ (Dubplate)
Geeneus – ‘Into The Future’ from the LP ‘Volumes One’ (Rinse)
Furesshu – ‘The Leopard’ from the compilation ‘Echodub Presents: Anechoic Chamber’ (Echodub)
Grevious Angel – ‘Darkness [The Welcome Sailor Retold]’ (Dubplate)
Atki 2 – ‘Vietnam’ (Dubplate)
Labulo – ‘Paranoia’ (Dubplate)

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