Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 07 02 with Kano

A grime MC called Kano is guesting Mary Anne Hobbs this week. She also drops some big news about follow up of the Dubstep Warz show. The original DJ’s (Mala, Skream, Kode9, Vex’D, Hatcha, Loefah and Distance) that played at the show in January 2006 has been asked to select new DJ’s to play on August 19th. The new show is called Generation Bass and should be absolutely massive!
Dubstep Warz is probably my all time favorite Mary Anne Hobbs show and I still listen to it now and then. Think it was actually that show that made me really love dubstep.
Check out my archives for other Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows.

Mary Anne Hobbs with Kano [Filesonic download]

TRG & Selector Dub U – ‘Karajuku’ from Appleblim’s ‘Dubstep All Starts Vol 6’ mix (Tempa)
Grevious Angel feat. Rubi Dan – ‘Culture Killer’ from the LP ‘Belief Is The Enemy’ (Elektric Dragon)
Boxcutter – ‘A Familiar Sound’ (Dubplate)
Darqwan – ‘Univeral Wan-Ting’ from the LP ‘Evangeline’ (Planet Mu)
RQM – ‘Miss Pacman’ Oliver $ Bassjunk Edit (Explotied)
Ross B & Luca – ‘Enemy’ (Dubplate)
Kano – ‘Ps and Qs’ (679)

Kano Interview
Kano – Freestyle on ‘Hurt’ (Dubplate)
Kano – Freestyle on ‘She’s Got Money’ (Dubplate)

Kano Interview

Kano – ‘Hustler’ (BPM)

Kano Live Freestyle

Martyn – ‘Vancouver’ (3024)
Buraka Som Systema – ‘Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)’ Reso’s Aguardente Mash mix (Dubplate)
Kowton – ‘Metronome’ (Dubplate)

Special announcement: Generation Bass show in August

Kalbata feat. Warrior Queen – ‘Shooting Range’ (Soul Jazz)
Aaron Jerome – ‘Real Time’ Landslide vocal mix (Dubplate)
D-Bridge – ‘Mouring Dawn’ from the LP ‘The Gemini Principle’ (Exit)
Ricardo Villalobos – ‘Minimoonstar’ Shackleton mix (Perlon Dubplate)
Jose James with Flying Lotus – ‘Visions Of Violet’ (Dubplate)
Coki – ‘Blood Thirst’ (Sub-Freq)

Obeah – ‘Rainy Days’ (Dubplate)
Sunken Foal – ‘Dutch Elm’ (Planet Mu)

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