Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 06 04 with 2562 and Peverelist

Mary Anne Hobbs is back in the studio this week with some nice head to head mixes from 2562 and Peverelist.
Check out my archives for other Mary Anne Hobbs radio shows.

Mary Anne Hobbs – with 2562 and Peverelist [Filesonic download]

The Bug feat. Flowdan – ‘Warning’ from the LP ‘London Zoo’ (Ninja)
Rossi B & Luca – ‘Enemy’ (Dubplate)
Robert Kotch vs Cerbral Cortex – ‘Vorex Cookies’ Moo Remix (Up My Alley)
Shackleton – ‘In The Void’ (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Dusk & Blackdown feat. Durrty Goodz – ‘Concrete Streets’ from the LP ‘Margins Music’ (Keysound)
Martyn – ‘Vancover’ (3024)
Jack Light – ‘Comeback’ (Demo)
Kulture – ‘Vitamin D’ (Dubplate)

2562 vs Peverelist

2562 Mix
2562 – ‘Space Jungle’ (Dubplate)
2562 – ‘Moog Dub’ (Tectonic)
2562 – ‘Walkover’ (LP forthcoming on Tectonic)
2562 – ‘Channel Two’ (Tectonic)
2562 – ‘Cobblestone refix’ (Dubplate)
2562 – ‘Enforcers’ (Tectonic)
2562 – ‘Hijack’ (Dubplate)
2562 – ‘Kameleon’ (Tectonic)
2562 – ‘Belgrave Rd’ (Dubplate)
A Made Up Sound – ‘699’ (Subsolo)

Peverelist Mix
2nd II None – ‘Waterfalls’ (Peverelist remix) (Dubplate)
Pinch & Peverelist – ‘Revival’ (Dubplate)
RSD ‘Jah Way’ – (Forthcoming on Punch Drunk)
Gemmy – ‘Bass Transmitter’ (Dubplate)
Pinch – ‘E.Motiv’ (Planet Mu)
Peverelist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ (Dubplate)
Henry & Louis – ‘Rise Up’ (Pinch Remix) (Forthcoming on 2 Kings)

Sully Shanks – ‘Give Me Up’ LD remix (2nd Drop)
Si Begg feat. Fatima – ‘Into Deep Water’ from ‘The Space In Between’
compilation (Sonar Kollectiv)
Mark Henning – ‘Moody Bastard’ (Soma)
wAgAwAgA – untitled track (Dubplate)
Djunya – ‘Dream Awake’ Cyrus Mix (Dubplate)
Bob Humid – ‘It’s Warm Besides The Submarine Cables’ from the LP ‘Second Wind Phenomenon’ (Suburban Trash)

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3 thoughts on “Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 06 04 with 2562 and Peverelist”

  1. i think 2562 is a script written by cylob

    thanks for the up as always.. great work. BBC: f u for your crappy audio formats

  2. Thanks vEsp. I usually use Sharebee but got some errors while uploading yesterday.

    @ix: Really? I didn’t know that. He makes some good music 🙂
    I agree about the crappy audio formats at BBC, but we should click the stream from time to time to show BBC that MAH is popular. Would suck if the show got canceled.

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