Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 12 Scorn vs King Cannibal

This week on Mary Anne Hobbs we get sets from Scorn and King Cannibal. Nice to hear more drum&bass on MAH!

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 03 12 Scorn vs King Cannibal [Filesonic download]

Various Production vs. David Cloud – ‘Puff Rider’ (Fire)
Funckarma – ‘Cable Path’ from the ‘Stub Dane’ EP (Highpoint Lowlife)
Doctor – ‘Highly Rated’ (Dubplate)
Culprit 1 – ‘No Need To Ask’ Reso’s Resurrection remix (Exceptional)
Christian Dittmann – ‘Micromundo Circular’
Grievous Angel – ‘Culture Killer’ refix (Electrik Dagon/SonicDragon)
DJ Pinch – ‘Dr Carlson’ (Punch Drunk)
Arne Michel – ‘Danke/Goodbye’ (White Label)
Ital Tek – ‘Insomniac’ (Planet Mu)
The Others – ‘Africa VIP’ (Dub Police)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Rise’ (Modern Love)
Scorn – ‘Gravel Bed’ Bracket remix (Combat Dubplate)


Scorn mix
Scorn – ‘Glugged’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘1.75 Tc’ [Version] (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Stripped Back Hinge’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Double Elips’ (Dubplate)
Scorn – ‘Gravel Bed’ (Combat Records)
Scorn – ‘The Palomar’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘In The Margins’ (Record Label Records)
Scorn – ‘Rove’ [Version] (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Running Rig’ (Ohm Resistance)
Scorn – ‘Monster Crab’ (Dubplate)
Scorn – ‘Super Mantis’ (Combat Records)

King Cannibal mix
Scientist – ‘Plague Of Zombies’ (Greensleeves Records)
Technical Itch – ‘Hidden Faces’ (Technical Itch Recordings)
Trace & Nico – ‘Amtrak’ (No U Turn Records)
King Cannibal – ‘7 Black Notes’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘Hundred Eyes Closed’ (Rag & Bone)
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – ‘Throw It Up’ Remix Acapella (TVT Records)
King Cannibal – ‘Bad Man Near Dark’ Komonazmuk Remix (Forthcoming on Combat Recordings)
King Cannibal – ‘Ferox Riddim’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘Flower Of Flesh and Blood’ (Kriss Records)
Tru – ‘Where u From’ Acapella (New No Limit Recordings)
King Cannibal – ‘Doomsday Dancehall’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal – ‘Beneath The Surface’ (Uncharted Audio)
King Cannibal ft Early Out – ‘Funeral Again’ Acapella (Forthcoming on Shockout Recordings)
King Cannibal – ‘Aragami Style’ (Forthcoming on Kriss Records)
Scorn – ‘Super Mantis’ King Cannibal Remix (forthcoming on Combat Recordings)

Kode 9 & The Spaceape – ‘Konfusion’ (Dubplate)
RND – ‘ID Burnt’ (Celestial Dragon)
Grievous Angel – ‘Lady Dub’ (Dubplate)
L-Wiz – ‘Amy Diamond’ Tes La Rok remix (Dubplate)

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